October 28, 2012

Into the Wild

Do you know what you want to do in life, or how you want to spend your time before you die? Well, I don't. Back in grade school, high school, and college, almost everything was laid out for me. Wake up, go to school, submit requirements, have semestral breaks, occasionally learn something new/meet someone new, et cetera-et cetera; it was there. It may have been as clear as Dora's map. Thus, I never felt lost.

Fast forward to the present, I feel lost (again, HAHAHA)

The inner child in me tells me that she does not want to work, even more so to be a burden to her family or friends. She doesn't want pork's fat either. What she wants to do is go places, meet faces, and just live. You know, be a nomad, or be like Forrest Gump. Sometimes she imagines herself to be Forrest Gump, and she hears the lines, "run Forrest, run." That line runs in her head like crazy. Even now, I can hear it screaming through her head.

I digress.

Maybe all these emotions are brought about by my recent "occupation" in life, a corporate slave. From the idealistic student, to the fresh grad, to the ever so loyal corporate slave. HAHAHA I guess I just miss the University - its people and culture, but I don't want to miss it so much that I actually miss this moment now.