December 30, 2012

Food Porn: Kebab Turki!

One thing is for sure, I wasn't a fan of Kebab before I tried Kebab Turki. AND THIS IS NOT AN EXAGGERATION. HAHAHA.

I only found out of Kebab Turki when my good friend randomly decided to treat everyone  for lunch. Two of my friends only have praise for the product - which I didn't really care about because those two friends are likely to eat anything. But boy, were they right!

HAHAHA the kebab was soft and tender, unlike other kebabs with almost rubbery texture. The flavor was also satisfying! The wrap - just right, not too crisp, but not too soft. Overall, it was very tasty! BTW, the packaging was also adorable! See below.

You just have to pull the paper handle, and your kebab will pop out, hihi QT!

Because I got really interested with this brand, I tried to Google it, and I here's the result:

Kebab Turki is Indonesia's premier food chain, and it is currently expanding in different Southeast Asian countries, such as the Philippines. The brand was founded by a young entrepreneur who is now recognized internationally. But the most important news is that, THERE IS A KEBAB TURKI BRANCH IN ROB ERMITA, and it's just in Padre Faura wing!!!

HAHAHA, how I wish I was still a student in Faura. For sure, Kebab Turki Rob Ermita would have been my tambayan - just like Mexicali, Cerealicious, Wham!, Chicago Pizza, etc. Congrats UP Manila and St. Paul Manila students, dumadami na yung pwedeng niyong kainan, hahaha. I don't know about St. Paul, but I'm pretty sure UP Manila's canteen offers almost the same food today as it did during my freshman year back in 2008. Mehehe, that's why new food stalls and stores are always welcome around the area.

Kebab Turki delivers via City Delivery. Just dial 87878.

December 26, 2012

The Strangers (2012)

So here goes my comprehensive review for the movie The Strangers (2012):

Tangina, please lang.

Food Porn: Mexicali

My friends and I have always been a fan of Mexicali so imagine my (and my friends') excitement when I (we) found out that City Delivery 87878 will now be delivering for Mexicali! HAHAHA blame this on the Mexicali branch in Robinsons Ermita. I mean it was the most convenient place where my friends and I can eat lunch with beer!

Obviously, Mexicali offers Mexican food such as burritos, tacos, nachos, and quesadillas. I like all except burrito. I find their burritos oily - or maybe it's just how burritos are made, hihi.

Anyway, Mexicali offerings are really affordable and it is a good deviation from the usual food that we Filipinos eat. Overall, I'll still eat and order from Mexicali.

I have a certain emotional attachment with Mexicali so (as should always be) take my opinions with a grain of salt.

December 16, 2012


Hi person-who-got-my-name-for-this-year's-exchange-gift!

Here are some of the suggestions that you may want to consider in buying a present for me. HAHAHA and I appreciate your taking the time to read this post. Thanks!

1. Jumpsuit
Not the glamorous one, but the lazy loose jumpsuit that I can use whenever I need to go, drop, and roll - which is almost all the time.

courtesy of

2. Studded leather vest (or leather shorts)
I've been trying to passively look for this since last year, I haven't found one that I liked.
courtesy of

3.  Taekwondo shoes 
I miss kicking. I used to have Kix shoes (size 6.5), but it I never got to find one ever again. Lalala, I think Adidas would work too :) I mean, as long as the shoes are light enough for me to move around, then I guess it would be fine.

4. Office wear 
Dresses, skirts (26), cardigans, blazers, long sleeve blouses, loose tops, etc will all be appreciated, but I suggest you refrain from buying pants for me - Pants rarely fit me well so I would rather buy (and try)  it on my own.

5. Books 
I promised myself that I'm going to start reading because I am obviously missing out a lot. Okay, you can judge me now since I didn't read books unless it was required. In my defense, I didn't have spare money to buy books :)

Life of Pi, Noli Me Tangere, El Filibusterismo, Bata bata, Paano ka Ginawa?, The Alchemist, etc, check

6. Night/reading lamp
I just actually need a light/switch near my bed so I wouldn't need to stand up to close the lights whenever I'm about to sleep.

7. Wooden mannequin (anatomy drawing guides)
Well, this might help me whenever I try to draw - rarely happens though. But you know, it pays to be prepared. HAHAHA

courtesy of

8. Trekking shoes
I think that I'll go somewhere "rocky/muddy/not safe for doll shoes" every once in a while. Thus, I'll be needing a durable and sleek/light shoes with me.
courtesy of

9. Bicycle
Truth be told, I do not know how to ride a bike, but I would like to learn how. And learning will have to start with having the medium to do so. Thus, a bike :) *Edited May 2013 - I know how to ride a bike now! and I have a bike too, courtesy of my father :)

courtesy of

10. Bluetooth headset
Bluetooth headset seems cool, right? my earphone wires always get tangled in my pocket so after a few months it starts malfunctioning. It's the same story over and over again.

11. Your call 
It's the thought that counts :) HAHAHA ang cheesy ko lang. 

Rise of the Guardians

Rise of the Guardians is just a so-so film for me. I liked the animation and the characters, but the development of the story was a little too predictable for me. I guess it's really made for kids, and not kids at heart. Don't get me wrong though, I still caught myself laughing during some parts of the movie, it's just that I would have wanted to get more from it.

courtesy of

My boss told me that he liked Rise of the Guardians better than How To Train Your Dragon, well that's his opinion. My favorite non-Japanese animated films are still (1) How to Train Your Dragon, and (2) Tangled. HAHAHA I'm that dorky.

Please keep in mind that I was really sleepy and a little hungry during the movie. Thus, this might have affected me in enjoying the film less than I could have, had I not been subjected to such conditions.

I have to admit, Jack Frost was so dreamy when he was still a human :)
"Do you stop believing in the moon when the sun comes out?"

Food Porn: Ba Nois

Pho Hai San (seafood noodle soup) and Bo Luc Lac (Stir Fried Honey-Spiced Beef with Fried Basil) - The names are so difficult to remember.

In Vietnam, Ba Noi means grandmother on the father side. Anyway, I am not a fan of Vietnam noodles so I wasn't impressed by its taste. However, I loved Bo Luc Lac. Upon delivery, the ingredients of Bo Luc Lac are put in separate containers so you'll have to mix it yourself. I suggest you use the chili seasoning sparingly. HAHAHA I didn't, so it became very spicy, but still to my liking.


I find the price a little too much for its serving size, but you know me, I dislike spending too much / not getting the (apparent) value of what I pay for.

Ba Noi's delivers via City Delivery. Just dial 87878.

"Mom For All, All For Mom"

My mom has always been a sharp lady, but old age is catching up with her. Lately, she's being forgetful and mindless, but that is not the problem. The real problem here is that I am not as patient and understanding to her as I would like to be. It seems that I've gotten so used to expecting a lot from her. But I guess it's time she expects a lot from me. And it pains me that I cannot deliver.


I know we get hurt by people we care for because we give a fuck, but why do we (tend to) hurt the ones we love and care for? Why do I tend to hurt the ones I work so hard to take care of.

I wonder if all these is human nature?

December 8, 2012

Last full show by myself, Rurouni Kenshin

Last full show by myself, I regret nothing. And I can't stop smiling :)

I was looking forward to Rurouni Kenshin's live action movie for around a year now. That said, I'll definitely do everything in my ability to watch it (even if it means going out alone at night, and on a workday). I actually planned to watch it with my friends, but we were unable to fit everyone's schedule, and I'm as impatient as I can be.

Anyway, upon arriving 2 hours early for the last full show, I was absolutely certain that there were lots of seats that I could choose from, but lo and behold there were only 4 remaining seats when I got to the counter, OMG I just got more excited.

Because I was early, I was able to look at the people coming in the cinema. Most of them are actually alone too... which made me feel that they are like me, a fan :) This preconceived notion of mine was proven later in the movie. Watching Samurai X (local title of the series) with fans was very heartwarming. You hear their laughter and deep breaths and sighs the same time you make your own non verbal reactions :) 

Film review
Please take note that I'm a fan of the anime and manga, and I give relatively high score to everything, unless I had a very crappy user experience.

December 6, 2012

Should you not talk to strangers?

Do you talk to strangers? Do you smile at people whom you do not know? How do you feel when a stranger approaches you, or smiles at you? How do you react to people? How should you react to people?

I consciously try to shape my notions of people by not giving in to certain stereotypes. I try not to be judgmental and biased to everyone. I try to be friendly (with a few exceptions: when I'm hungry, when I have menstrual cramps, or when I'm under any negative condition - but even then, I try to be respectful.) Still, I guess trying to be nice/positive can backfire too - especially if you're like me, a bad judge of character.

Sometimes, people try to take advantage of me because I SEEM like an easy target. I remember someone telling me that I should not smile when I'm in public places. He said that I should always look mad so people would avoid me. HAHAHA Although it makes sense, I find it counterproductive. In psychology, one's physical mood can affect one's real mood. Thus, if I pretend to be mad for too long, chances are I'll somehow be in a negative mood. This is because my body sends signals to the brain, which the brain then reads, and reinforce, blah blah blah.

Other times, people misunderstand your niceness, and this misunderstanding can be VERY frustrating - and creepy. And the creepiness makes me think that it's better to just appear mad all the time. 

Then I remember my days as a volunteer for different projects back in High School. I got affected by mad people, while I felt extreme happiness when the others smiled at me, or thanked me profusely, or whatever. It felt good, to be smiled at. 

Hmmm, it's still freaky for me to be "misunderstood", but whatever, if I didn't talk to strangers before, then I might not have any friends today. I guess I'll just have to stomach certain kinds of people/situations or better yet, be a good judge of character so I could discern and avoid the ones with ulterior motives. 

Companions say that I sometimes attract people with hidden agenda because of my appearance - that is unruly hair, piercings, and tattoos. Hmmm, regardless of how I look, a decent person is decent. 

 A decent person is decent. 

December 5, 2012

Let the world wonder, Puerto Princesa

I miss the mountains already. Sometimes, I fee like I don't belong in the city. Instead, I belong in the mountains, the trees, the wind, the sea, the sky... CHOS, gusto ko lang din nang sembreak (every month).

I said this to myself last month, and I guess I can't not follow what my heart desires. This is why I'm giving myself a break every week, and a "sembreak" every month :)) Hence, Puerto Princesa!

Puerto Princesa is in Palawan, which is dubbed as the cleanest place in the Philippines. I don't know about the other clean places in the Philippines (yet), but littering is strictly prohibited in Palawan. 

1. The City Tour (via World Holiday Travel and Tours)

The city tour is just a quick tour in the city's tourist spots like (1) Plaza Cuartel - where around 150 American soldiers were burned down alive by the Japanese soldiers, (2) Crocodile Farm - where lots of reptiles (and other wildlife) are taken care of, (3) Mitra's ranch - where you can try horseback riding, (4) Baker's Hill - where you can buy delicious food, and take photos of different icons and characters, (5) Binuatan Creations - where you can try weaving place mats and other stuff, (6) Baywalk - where Palawan's giant Christmas tree is erected.

December 2, 2012

Food Porn: Fely J's

Crispy patang bawang and crispy sisig by Fely J's

It was fine, a hearty meal. Maybe I ought to order other dishes next time, because I'm getting bored with crispy pata already - my brother likes it so we always order it. Lalala

Fely J's delivers via City Delivery. Just dial 87878.

Go Baguio!

If Baguio were a person, then he would be the cool guy whom everyone likes. He's the type whom you'd like to meet again because, even though he has so many friends, he won't make you feel like you're left out.

It was around 9 pm when my friend and I arrived at Victory Liner bus station in Cubao, but we got aboard around 1 am. It was too late when we found out that there's such a thing called chance passengers in buses. It's both our first time to ride a bus to Baguio so we didn't know any better. I was amazed at the number of people coming in to the station in such an ungodly hour. HAHAHA Out of boredom, I even followed the conversations that people were having. 

Touchdown Baguio, I immediately regretted not bringing any pants/legwarmers, because I clearly underestimated its November weather. All right, let the tour begin.