December 2, 2012

Go Baguio!

If Baguio were a person, then he would be the cool guy whom everyone likes. He's the type whom you'd like to meet again because, even though he has so many friends, he won't make you feel like you're left out.

It was around 9 pm when my friend and I arrived at Victory Liner bus station in Cubao, but we got aboard around 1 am. It was too late when we found out that there's such a thing called chance passengers in buses. It's both our first time to ride a bus to Baguio so we didn't know any better. I was amazed at the number of people coming in to the station in such an ungodly hour. HAHAHA Out of boredom, I even followed the conversations that people were having. 

Touchdown Baguio, I immediately regretted not bringing any pants/legwarmers, because I clearly underestimated its November weather. All right, let the tour begin. 

1. AFP Transient House in Navy Base
This was the cheapest accommodation that we found (250/night), but as the taxi driver suggested, we should have took one in the city instead. Why? Because we rode a cab every time we go in and out of the house - because the taxi meter here is so cheap! Still, the place is peaceful, and we got to occupy a room for four for ourselves. Sweet!

2. Mine's View Park
Where you get to see the mines surrounding the city, I didn't notice it though. All I saw were mountains and trashes that the tourists left :( I also saw big dogs and pink haired horses- which is not my cup of tea. The horses look just fine without pink manes. 
Mandatory vanity photo, hahaha

3. Wright Park
Where you can ride a horse, see a painter selling his works,  be given a free taste for an organic orange - which tastes really sweet - hihi, and of course take photos at the pool of pines! a good place to sit down and rest...
Pool of Pines

4. The Mansion
Well, this one is just a big house with guards... nothing for me here. 

5. Botanical Garden
Where a photo shoot is mandatory! HAHAHA. My friend said that the flowers were greatly lessened, but I still think that Baguio city holds the most number of flowers per kilometer. 

Below is my favorite part of Botanical Garden. I don't know what that part is called but it's a man-made cave, you know I like caves. HAHAHA I get spooked out VERY easily but I just can't resist these types of activities, lalala, especially if I'm leading the way for everyone (because I'm the only one with built-in flashlight in my phone.) Eeeep, I got really worried when the way was getting smaller and muddier, but oh well, there were people behind me, so I can't just go back, more eeeeps.

6. SM Baguio
Crowded, crowded place :|

7. Pink Cathedral beside Moonleaf 
Most churches here seem to be colored in pink, QT

8. Brent International School Bazaar
Cool place, so many beautiful faces, and Koreans! I bought a nice necklace just because I like the other customer beside me, LOLJK.
9. Bayanihan/ Hilltop / Skyworld
2nd hand thrift shops or what we call ukay-ukay. My friend bought TONS of things that I think she does not really need. I would have bought some toys too, but I don't want to carry a lot of items when I go back. I also saw good quality leather jackets in Bayanihan, and a costume store in Skyworld. Unfortunately, I did not see anything at Hilltop, it was sooo dark for me to look around. I would love to check those places again when I go back (if I'm not commuting). BTW the CRs here are deep hole latrines only, HAHAHA reminded me of girl scout camping days, awkward.

I'm getting really cold by this time. 

10. City Lights at Session Road
4 cheese pizza, lychee tea, chips, new friends, and a pianist on the side, City Lights Hotel is a memorable place. By this time, I didn't want to go out anymore because the coldness is making my knees shiver already. 

11. Jim's Retro Diner at Session Road
Giant burgers and other retro food and stuff

I'm now of legal age to go to casinos :) I don't have spare money to play though :)) Look at the photo above, it says, "Dream like you'll live forever, and live as if you'll die today." I like it, very apt for the occasion. 

12. Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad, Benguet
We picked strawberries! It was expensive though - 500 per kilo. We also bought strawberry taho, jams, etc. I suggest you don't bring any unnecessary luggage as the walkway is very narrow. Also, taxi from Baguio City to Benguet is surprisingly cheap - 110 pesos only :) And unlike in Baguio, the climate in Benguet is hot. 

See the basket of strawberries we're holding? That's 250php each. 

13. Bell Church
A pleasant surprise for your eyes, intricate designs by man and some other being everywhere :) 

14. Tam-awan Village
We were supposed to stay here for the night, but it was too far from Baguio City so we opted for the transient house in Navy Base instead. I like this place a lot. It relaxes me. 
Bulul guardians :)) 

15. Burnham Park
For a leisurely stroll, I wanted to ride a bike. Unfortunately, I do not know how to ride a bike yet :( 

16. Pizza Volante at Session Road
I think there's also a Pizza Volante in Technohub 

That's it!


If Baguio were a person, then I'd be his friend...
Touchdown Manila.

Baguio reminds me of Hayao Miyazaki films, especially whisper of the heart <3 Oh country road :)) 


  1. "My friend bought TONS of things that I think she does not really need."

    Partly true. Haha


  2. Hi! I would also like to inquire about your stay on Transient House in Navy Base, Can you share their contact number or how are we going to contact them? Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi! Sorry, I lost their number already. I think I just found their Manila headquarter number through Google, then asked for their mobile number in Baguio since I can't call long distance.

      Good luck!


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