December 8, 2012

Last full show by myself, Rurouni Kenshin

Last full show by myself, I regret nothing. And I can't stop smiling :)

I was looking forward to Rurouni Kenshin's live action movie for around a year now. That said, I'll definitely do everything in my ability to watch it (even if it means going out alone at night, and on a workday). I actually planned to watch it with my friends, but we were unable to fit everyone's schedule, and I'm as impatient as I can be.

Anyway, upon arriving 2 hours early for the last full show, I was absolutely certain that there were lots of seats that I could choose from, but lo and behold there were only 4 remaining seats when I got to the counter, OMG I just got more excited.

Because I was early, I was able to look at the people coming in the cinema. Most of them are actually alone too... which made me feel that they are like me, a fan :) This preconceived notion of mine was proven later in the movie. Watching Samurai X (local title of the series) with fans was very heartwarming. You hear their laughter and deep breaths and sighs the same time you make your own non verbal reactions :) 

Film review
Please take note that I'm a fan of the anime and manga, and I give relatively high score to everything, unless I had a very crappy user experience.

On cinematography: Wonderfully created! 10/10

On soundtrack: Good, not exceptional. 8/10

On characters: Justice were given! 9/10

At first I felt that Kenshin was very "pacute" (trying to look adorable, it works for me, btw HAHAHA), but then I remembered that Kenshin (in the anime) really acted like that. Kenshin (in the anime) was very gentle and nice too, much like how an older Gon would be(another anime crush, HAHAHA)

I dislike Kaori in the anime (because she's like Kagome/Chidori/Akane/etc), but I appreciated her in the movie since she did not act as childish/exaggerated as she did in the anime. 

Megumi's presence was more felt than Kaori's, which is better for me. I think fans would agree that Kenshin's flashback of Megumi's taking command during the flock of ill patients brings back memories of its anime counterpart. In the anime, there was an episode where Megumi felt bad about herself, and Kenshin told her that he admires Megumi (because Megumi can protect and save lives, something that Kenshin aspires.) I think the flashback showed it really well (at least for fans who know where it's coming from. IDK for normal movie goers but I prefer it that way.) I am actually happy with the fact that there are things in the movie that only fans would appreciate. That way, I feel that the integrity of the series is preserved.

Sanosuke was funny and very street fighter-y. HAHAHA I didn't expect him to be funny. Still, it was a pleasant surprise! 

Yamagata didn't seem very nice in the movie. He looks so fatherly in the anime, but WTH, it's not really that important.

I hate that Kanryu is so evil. However, this is actually just staying true to the original story. Lalala, I just have a preference on stories wherein the antagonists are not purely bad (like most "antagonists" in Hayao Miyazaki films).

On storyline: Almost perfect :) 9/10

The plot revolves around the beginning of Rurouni Kenshin anime series. I was expecting that it would be the Shishio part (IDK why but I wanted to see Shishio, HAHAHA) but I guess that would need too many character developments and back stories on the side. 

The relevance of the blond antagonist at the end was reduced into one line only... I guess the plot somehow tried to reconcile too many Samurai X issues in just 2 and a half hour.  

Any fan would appreciate it. Normal movie goers may not find it great, but still enjoyable - I think :)

I didn't know that the x mark on Kenshin's face was made by a couple that he killed during his battousai days. Was this expounded in the anime?   

I really can't stop smiling :) And here I thought that the fangirl in me died a long time ago, HAHAHAHAA


  1. ARGH, I'm regretting not watching this last Saturday! The folks I know who watched it are extra giddy, so it must be THAT GOOD!

    1. Maybe the folks you're talking about are also childhood fans, but yeah, you should have watched! Lalala


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