January 22, 2013

Les Miserables

It was a challenge not to sing (and be moved to tears) - especially nearing the closing billboard.

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I already anticipated Les Miserables as a tearjerker. After all, the old movie turned on the waterworks in me. However, Les Mis 2012 is distinct from its 1998 counterpart. The 1998 version didn't leave me room to compose myself. I had to pause the movie in order to do so, but this one has plenty of breather scenes. In a way, it wasn't as heavy as I expected it to be - which is both a good and a bad thing. 

A good thing because it gave me a different experience
A bad thing because I brought my bag of expectations 

On the Musical

At first, I was troubled by the fact that the whole movie is sung. I was thinking that this does not feel realistic at all. To my mistake, deeper into the movie, I became unaware of the singing, and then everything felt normal - as if we do sing in our day to day conversations. 

On the Transitions

Comparing with the 1998 film (because that version broke my heart), the pacing of the 2012 version felt fast. There were parts where I was waiting for certain scenes to present itself, but did not.

My emotions during the (2012) movie were like this: 

1. Oh boy I'm gonna watch Les Mis, HUHUHU T.T
2. Hmmm mleh :|
3. hahaha :))
4. huhuhu :(
5. k / huhu / weee :| :)

as compared to my emotions during the 1998 film

3. I hate Cossette!
4. "People may do good and not reap benefits; people may do bad and not have tragedies"
5. HUHUHUHU why? T.T

I am rather incomprehensible right now. 

On the Ending
I did not like the ending. I do not like the idea of waiting for your reward or deserved happiness in heaven.

HAHAHA they named my hair Elizabeth. "Lumalaki si Elizabeth a"

"Life's great happiness is to be convinced that we are loved."

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