February 10, 2013

Gangster Squad (2013)

"Don't shoot where it is at, shoot where it is going to be"

courtesy of  my.spill.com

Despite appearing to be heavy on the drama and action (during the trailer), Gangster Squad is actually a light movie. It was the classic bad guy vs. good cop story wherein you will never get confuse on whose side you're on. Of course, expect some relationship-complexities for the good guy. You know the drill - the good guy always have to choose between his principles and his loved ones. Of course, we all know what the good guy chooses eventually. And as if on cue, the good guy, almost always, wins.

You should be thankful if it's not a deus ex machina win.

Okay, if you think deeply about the film, and compare it with other mafia films, then you might get disappointed. Hence, I suggest you just watch the movie and try not to think or compare. That way, you'll enjoy it, or at least most of it :) The moment I did that, I was able to laugh more at the movie's humorous conversations - of course not all. I found some lines too cheesy (the bad kind of cheesiness). But in all fairness, I got some lines which I liked - case in point, my introduction, and some other random lines.

"Don't shoot where it is at, shoot where it is going to be"

Given a spin off, such a line might become highly relevant to me, but right now, it is still just a line that I seem to be attracted to. I wonder.

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  1. Shoot where it is going to be. In short, itutok mo lang arlet. Itutok mo at iputok.


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