March 17, 2013

Google Reader, NetVibes, and X

Outside office tasks, I haven't been able to think clearly and speak articulately. I seem to be in some kind of disorganized state of mind. I try not to do anything while I'm in this state so I could avoid committing blunders. However, it's been weeks and I haven't "fixed" myself yet. Things to do have piled up, and productivity has been jeopardized. 

Let me try putting things back on perspective. Kidding! I can't just do that nor publicly write about that. HAHAHA Anyway, I was a bit shocked that Google Reader is closing. 

Around 30 minutes after getting the shock of my life, I turned to NetVibes and wasted roughly 5 hours of my life manually transferring my subscriptions. Siguro, isa yun sa dahilan kung bakit sabaw na sabaw ako ngayon.

I miss Google Reader's "explore" and "tag" features. I know Google Reader is still up and it's too early to miss it because it is not even gone yet. HAHAHAHA but you see, I've stopped using GReader. I just don't think that I should stick with something that I know will not be there for me anymore. CHOS. HAHAHAHA

Seriously, I am already using NetVibes because I want to get used to it as soon as possible. 
The sky is beginning to clear once again. The clouds are dissipating. I predict that it will be a "sunny" day tomorrow. If not, I have my umbrella with me anyway. 

Focus on your right arm, Arlet.

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