April 28, 2013

Achievement Unlocked @ 21

I promised myself that I will learn to ride a bike this year.

But first. I had to get myself a bike. Otherwise, I'll always have a reason not to try it. Yet, my embarrassment in learning cycling at my age seems like a bigger challenge: I didn't want to practice it in our neighborhood. I don't want people who know me to see me struggling in learning a skill that can be done by 7 year old kids. Hence, I had to schedule a day to learn it in some place else. 

Self esteem issues HAHAHA brad, salamat talaga sa concern mo sa self esteem ko ha.
Yesterday, I finally tried biking. I asked help from my dad so we could bring the bike in UP. He was also on standby in case I needed help in stopping myself from heading to the gutter or from running someone over (which happened quite a few times, Acad Oval is not as straight as I imagined it to be.) Thank heavens it was raining hard yesterday, there were few people outside to witness my training. HAHAHAHA, cough cough #feverish. 

I studied and continued biking in the rain for about an hour and a half. I can't bike straight yet, I'm still wobbly and I find it challenging to cycle in uneven pavements, big road humps, very fine/ smooth pavements, etc, but I'll get there.

Sometimes, we only need to start. 


My hands, shoulder, neck, and butt hurt. And I have fever, but I'm very happy :) I'm 21 years old and I just learned how to ride a bike! Booyah!

April 27, 2013

We're always looking at the same sky

The moon is so beautiful that I almost felt dumb not walking towards it.

I have always been fascinated with heavenly bodies, but lately I've been drawn to watching the night sky so much that I sleep outside for a few hours. I think this sleeping-outside-thing started in Siquijor: I was thinking about life (echosera ko no? HAHAHA) while looking at the stars and waiting for fireflies. Then, I fell asleep at the beachfront.

Now back in Manila, I take pleasure in gazing the moon.

A few days ago, my friends and I were waiting for the Lyrid meteor shower. No, we weren't  together. We were just texting and updating each other on what we were seeing. It was exciting! I took my pillow and blanket and actually camped out as I was getting sleepy from the day's work. Suddenly, I jumped up and screamed when I saw a big, bright shooting star! I was alert and awake in seconds, it was ecstatic!

Immediately after, I texted my friends about it since I know they're also looking up at the same sky.

Just last night, I texted a friend and told her that the moon's color is bizarre. It took me seconds before I realized that she's now in Korea and my message probably got flushed in a blackhole. This morning, I tweeted her about my text, and she told me that she saw "that moon" I was referring to! She knew what I was talking about!


Now I think I know why I find the moon, the stars, and the sky comforting. It is because it tells me that no matter how far I think I am from someone, we will always be under the same sky. And therefore, will be looking at the same sky. Up in the sky, you can see forever :)


I think that if people watch the night sky more often than they usually do, then they'll genuinely feel that there is more to life than just living.

April 8, 2013

Food Porn: Icebergs

From 1 to walking on sunshine, gaano kainit ngayon? (how hot is it today?)

Temperature has been rallying up more than the Philippine stock market is. This Sunday has been so hot that I only moved to eat, pee or poo. Hindi talaga makatarungan yung init (The heat is unjustifiable.) 

Starting this morning, my mom has been insinuating that she wanted halo-halo, and only halo-halo. No one in the house was in the mood to go out or cook food. Thus we just ordered from Icebergs. At first, I was hesitant since the distance from my house to the nearest restaurant is about 8km (which exceeds the normal 4km radius for delivery). On second thought, putangina, ang init talaga (who gives a shit, it is so hot.)

We got 2 super halo halo for sharing. It did not disappoint. Eat desserts first, it's a backward kind of day :)

After the dessert, we shared sisig, lechon kawali, and grilled liempo. It wasn't enough for the three of us since my mom ate rice. Prior to the food's arrival, she said that she'll only eat halo halo because she's on a diet. Thus, I did not take her into account when I ordered food. However, upon seeing the food, she changed her mind and declared a cheat day. HAHAHA I should have ordered more.

Sisig, grilled liempo, lechon kawali - all tasty :)

My mom loved the food; this day's treat is a success!
Walking on sunshine, woohoo! HAHAHAHA


April 7, 2013

Food Porn: Restaurant Hana

Restaurant Hana is my officemate's favorite Japanese restaurant. In fact, she has been bugging the team to eat there. Until now, we haven't eaten there as a team. HAHAHA

One OT evening, my boss invited me and my supervisor for dinner at Little Tokyo. Of course, we obliged. Who declines free food anyway? Unfortunately (or fortunately?), the officemate didn't do OT that night, I guess we aren't meant to eat together at Hana :)) 

Restaurant Hana, Little Tokyo, Makati

I like most of the food from Hana especially the ala cartes. I find the taste of the dishes faltering when changed into rice meals - either it become too tasty (check the last photo) or too bland (case in point tempura meal - no photos)

My favorites are (1) shaved ice, and (2) salmon sushi with cheese! Hana is actually famous for their takoyakis. Nonetheless, takoyakis didn't make it into my list of favorites. I don't know why, but the taste seems average to me. 

Flavored shaved ice! - the pink one is my favorite
Salmon sushi with cheese (?) The salmon burst in your mouth, yummeh!

Complimentary miso soup to wash away unpleasant flavors
I don't remember the name of this food , but this was my order, it was too flavorful 

All in all, I (and my officemates) like Restaurant Hana. In fact, the team has a habit of eating there already.

Food Porn: Kikufuji

The boss got hungry while we were in a meeting so he invited the team for a lunch meeting instead at Kikufuji, Little Tokyo, Makati. It's only my 2nd time here, and like the last time, I didn't finish my food because the serving was a lot! And there are lots of tasty complimentary dishes so you'd be full before the main course arrives :)

I like Little Tokyo, especially at night. The dishes are tasty, and the place is novelty. Maybe if there's something I dislike about Little Tokyo, it's the attitude of the servers, they're not particularly nice, like they're not happy with what they are doing and you (as a customer) is just a pain in the neck. But then again, maybe I was always there at the wrong time. HAHAHA

Cold tea - to make up for the amount of food you will intake :)

Vegetable salad for appetizer - to prepare your tastebud for what's about to come :)

Food Porn: 101 Hawker Food House

My officemate and I wanted to try Hawker, since it's near the office and we've heard so much good about it. The food were affordable and the servings were generous, very suitable for everyday lunch/drinking. The waiters were also courteous, capable, and seems very proud of their dishes. I like it all!

Coffee spareribs
Salt and pepper squid

Lechon kawali (Macau)
Roasted chicken

Mango pudding

We also ordered nasi goreng, spicy squid with basil, and lemon chicken. Their nasi goreng is nothing spectacular when it comes to taste, but the serving is hefty; the lemon chicken tasted okay. I liked the spicy squid with basil but it was different from what I expected. I thought it would be fried squid with basil, but it was steamed (?) squid with sauce and basil. I like it nonetheless.

photo courtesy of Jayar (lemon chicken on the left and squid with basil on top)

Maybe I'll try their noodle omelette next time :)

The Truth About Siquijor

Siquijor is the most beautiful place I have ever seen yet. 

Arlet featuring Siquijor :)) aka vanity shot, HAHAHA

Its beauty makes me wonder how the witchcraft and other spooky rumors about Siquijor originated. However, I must agree that the island is mystique. The way the trees grow, the stars shine, the sun sets and rises, the caves form, the waves hit the shore, the fireflies dance... in Siquijor, the way nature presents itself is magical, so magical it makes you believe in magic. HAHAHA ang gulo ko. 

I went to Siquijor last Holy Week solely to witness the Healing Festival, but I ended up witnessing and enjoying more than that. 

1. Getting there

From Manila, I took a plane to Dumaguete, and then a ferry to Siquijor. Unfortunately, no ferry trips are scheduled on Good Friday so I had to pass the night at Dumaguete. I didn't have anything to do in Dumaguete so I ended up just walking around the Boulevard, and eating at nearby restaurants. 

Tip: Once in Dumaguete, walk outside the airport premises before riding a tricycle. The normal tricycle ride should only cost around 8php -15php, but if you get a tricycle inside the airport, they'll ask you to pay 150php. BTW, make sure to try the sylvannas at Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries in Rizal Boulevard!

Off to Siquijor, reminds me of the episode when Gon leaves the island to take part in the Hunter x Hunter exam :))

April 5, 2013

Am I gay?

...because, I had the nth inquiry today. 

If I were to make an FAQ about myself, then "Are you straight?" would probably be number 2. ("Why are you so skinny" would be number one.) Of course, I always find it amusing when people ask me if I'm really straight, or if I am a lesbian or a bisexual. HAHAHA just thinking about it makes my spirit laugh a little.

Although I find it amusing, it also puzzles me. I mean, why am I always getting this question, again and again, and again, and again. I don't get it? Sure, I am very vocal about my stand on gender inequalities, but that is not enough reason to think of me as a lesbian, right? 

It feels a bit weird writing this entry, because I feel like I owe some people explanation about my sexuality, which I don't, and never will. However, for the sake of not explaining again and again - because it is tiring, I am writing this entry so that whenever people ask me about my sexuality, then I'll have a url handy. 

Here's the deal.

I am straight (not lesbian, not bisexual, but straight). 

Nonetheless, I agree with the saying gender is fluid, so I am open to changing should I feel the need to. Still, right now, I am absolutely (was and is) straight . 

Yes, I did have a girlfriend when I was a lot younger, something which I do not regret. It was a different experience, but I'd say that I was never really attached. It was a childish "relationship" out of mere curiosity.  

Hi Inabelles! so to answer your question, I am for team lalaki, kay? HAHAHA

Flora's Dive & Resort: Where the Nice Things are

Rarely will you meet people who are so kind that you'd want the world to know them, because you know that the world needs them badly.

courtesy of http://florasdiveresort.com

I am being cheesy, aren't I? HAHAHA

One of the highlights of my Holy Week vacation is trying out diving for the first time, and meeting such wonderful people in doing so. My friend and I tried diving at Flora's Dive & Resort in Larena, despite the fact that we are staying at Royal Cliff Resort in San Juan. And I must say, I have no regrets!

1. The Place was easily accessible from Siquijor port.

2. The Price for accommodation and services were very affordable. We initially planned to stay at Flora's. Unfortunately, they were already fully booked for the duration of our trip. Hence, Royal Cliff.

3. The People, OMG the people! HAHAHA I've met a lot of  people in my trips. And the Floras are by far the most welcoming and accommodating. I believe that Flora's unique selling proposition (sorry for the USP term, I cannot think normal right now) is The Floras themselves. Flora's Resort is personally managed by Neal and his sons, Chris et al. They are personally involved in the accommodation and diving services which they do so magnificently!

Media, Papa, Me, Neal Flora, Chris Flora

4. The Food... were so-so :)) but hey, you are not in Siquijor to just eat, right?

5. The Dive was challenging for me. Good thing Neal and Chris were there to (1) keep me calm, and (2) drag me around Bikini bottom, HAHAHA. I was having difficulty descending. I think it's because whenever I press the deflate button (to go deeper), I cannot help but simultaneously press the inflate button (to rise) too. Lalala, me and my bad motor skill. My ears and head felt like exploding too - something must be wrong with me.

Underwater, everything seems fragile, yet romantic. Yihee.

Thanks for coming with us! Media :) 
Final rating: I definitely recommend it to anyone, and I will absolutely go back!
Cheers to a good man, everyone!

I really admire kind people, maybe because I am well aware that I can never be so kind to be kind enough. Oh never mind.

You don't have to be special. You just have to be kind :)