April 28, 2013

Achievement Unlocked @ 21

I promised myself that I will learn to ride a bike this year.

But first. I had to get myself a bike. Otherwise, I'll always have a reason not to try it. Yet, my embarrassment in learning cycling at my age seems like a bigger challenge: I didn't want to practice it in our neighborhood. I don't want people who know me to see me struggling in learning a skill that can be done by 7 year old kids. Hence, I had to schedule a day to learn it in some place else. 

Self esteem issues HAHAHA brad, salamat talaga sa concern mo sa self esteem ko ha.
Yesterday, I finally tried biking. I asked help from my dad so we could bring the bike in UP. He was also on standby in case I needed help in stopping myself from heading to the gutter or from running someone over (which happened quite a few times, Acad Oval is not as straight as I imagined it to be.) Thank heavens it was raining hard yesterday, there were few people outside to witness my training. HAHAHAHA, cough cough #feverish. 

I studied and continued biking in the rain for about an hour and a half. I can't bike straight yet, I'm still wobbly and I find it challenging to cycle in uneven pavements, big road humps, very fine/ smooth pavements, etc, but I'll get there.

Sometimes, we only need to start. 


My hands, shoulder, neck, and butt hurt. And I have fever, but I'm very happy :) I'm 21 years old and I just learned how to ride a bike! Booyah!

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  1. very nice! Sandaling practice lang nkapagbike kna agad, tuloy tuloy na yan. Its a good exercise!


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