April 5, 2013

Am I gay?

...because, I had the nth inquiry today. 

If I were to make an FAQ about myself, then "Are you straight?" would probably be number 2. ("Why are you so skinny" would be number one.) Of course, I always find it amusing when people ask me if I'm really straight, or if I am a lesbian or a bisexual. HAHAHA just thinking about it makes my spirit laugh a little.

Although I find it amusing, it also puzzles me. I mean, why am I always getting this question, again and again, and again, and again. I don't get it? Sure, I am very vocal about my stand on gender inequalities, but that is not enough reason to think of me as a lesbian, right? 

It feels a bit weird writing this entry, because I feel like I owe some people explanation about my sexuality, which I don't, and never will. However, for the sake of not explaining again and again - because it is tiring, I am writing this entry so that whenever people ask me about my sexuality, then I'll have a url handy. 

Here's the deal.

I am straight (not lesbian, not bisexual, but straight). 

Nonetheless, I agree with the saying gender is fluid, so I am open to changing should I feel the need to. Still, right now, I am absolutely (was and is) straight . 

Yes, I did have a girlfriend when I was a lot younger, something which I do not regret. It was a different experience, but I'd say that I was never really attached. It was a childish "relationship" out of mere curiosity.  

Hi Inabelles! so to answer your question, I am for team lalaki, kay? HAHAHA

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