April 5, 2013

Flora's Dive & Resort: Where the Nice Things are

Rarely will you meet people who are so kind that you'd want the world to know them, because you know that the world needs them badly.

courtesy of http://florasdiveresort.com

I am being cheesy, aren't I? HAHAHA

One of the highlights of my Holy Week vacation is trying out diving for the first time, and meeting such wonderful people in doing so. My friend and I tried diving at Flora's Dive & Resort in Larena, despite the fact that we are staying at Royal Cliff Resort in San Juan. And I must say, I have no regrets!

1. The Place was easily accessible from Siquijor port.

2. The Price for accommodation and services were very affordable. We initially planned to stay at Flora's. Unfortunately, they were already fully booked for the duration of our trip. Hence, Royal Cliff.

3. The People, OMG the people! HAHAHA I've met a lot of  people in my trips. And the Floras are by far the most welcoming and accommodating. I believe that Flora's unique selling proposition (sorry for the USP term, I cannot think normal right now) is The Floras themselves. Flora's Resort is personally managed by Neal and his sons, Chris et al. They are personally involved in the accommodation and diving services which they do so magnificently!

Media, Papa, Me, Neal Flora, Chris Flora

4. The Food... were so-so :)) but hey, you are not in Siquijor to just eat, right?

5. The Dive was challenging for me. Good thing Neal and Chris were there to (1) keep me calm, and (2) drag me around Bikini bottom, HAHAHA. I was having difficulty descending. I think it's because whenever I press the deflate button (to go deeper), I cannot help but simultaneously press the inflate button (to rise) too. Lalala, me and my bad motor skill. My ears and head felt like exploding too - something must be wrong with me.

Underwater, everything seems fragile, yet romantic. Yihee.

Thanks for coming with us! Media :) 
Final rating: I definitely recommend it to anyone, and I will absolutely go back!
Cheers to a good man, everyone!

I really admire kind people, maybe because I am well aware that I can never be so kind to be kind enough. Oh never mind.

You don't have to be special. You just have to be kind :)


  1. You make me wanna go diving. :)

    1. Go diving, Pat! It's a treat for your eyes and soul! Ay ano daw :))


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