April 27, 2013

We're always looking at the same sky

The moon is so beautiful that I almost felt dumb not walking towards it.

I have always been fascinated with heavenly bodies, but lately I've been drawn to watching the night sky so much that I sleep outside for a few hours. I think this sleeping-outside-thing started in Siquijor: I was thinking about life (echosera ko no? HAHAHA) while looking at the stars and waiting for fireflies. Then, I fell asleep at the beachfront.

Now back in Manila, I take pleasure in gazing the moon.

A few days ago, my friends and I were waiting for the Lyrid meteor shower. No, we weren't  together. We were just texting and updating each other on what we were seeing. It was exciting! I took my pillow and blanket and actually camped out as I was getting sleepy from the day's work. Suddenly, I jumped up and screamed when I saw a big, bright shooting star! I was alert and awake in seconds, it was ecstatic!

Immediately after, I texted my friends about it since I know they're also looking up at the same sky.

Just last night, I texted a friend and told her that the moon's color is bizarre. It took me seconds before I realized that she's now in Korea and my message probably got flushed in a blackhole. This morning, I tweeted her about my text, and she told me that she saw "that moon" I was referring to! She knew what I was talking about!


Now I think I know why I find the moon, the stars, and the sky comforting. It is because it tells me that no matter how far I think I am from someone, we will always be under the same sky. And therefore, will be looking at the same sky. Up in the sky, you can see forever :)


I think that if people watch the night sky more often than they usually do, then they'll genuinely feel that there is more to life than just living.


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  2. Aww I've never heard you become as cheesy as this Arlet, but I like the thought. Kind of old school but strongly makes sense. Doh! I miss you too :| In this mundane life of mine that I keep struggling with college, there comes a point that I reminisce some things and it makes me smile. I'm so happy you already miss meehhh! Now let's meet for the record, along with Chi. GAWWD I MISS ANIMAIDENS!

    1. HAHAHAA we haven't seen each other for so long that you don't know how mushy and cheesy I've become :D

      Just keep breathing, Mendy :)

      When shall we meet? How about we do the Gintama shoot already!

  3. I'm getting a weird feeling whenever I look at the sky. Somehow, I also feel that others are looking it as the way I do. I also get the feeling that billions of people have already looked at that same sky. What I mean is that people from the past looked at it and after hundreds or thousands of years, it's still the same.

    I also heard from someone that some stars that we see are already dead. Their light traveled for years before reaching our eyes. What we're actually seeing are remnants of the past. It's like time travel. We see them as if they still exist.

    1. Hi Joshua! Nice "meeting" you here. That's an interesting thought you have, it makes me wonder if the sky is looking out on us humans too.

      Yes, the stars we see may have exploded already, anggaling no?!


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