May 12, 2013

Halalan 2013: Who Holds the Key?

What:  2013 election for the following positions:
            12 out of 33 senators
            1 out of 4 House of Representatives
            1 mayor and vice mayor, 8 council members
            1 partylist

When:  May 13, 2013

Disclaimer: I am writing this post solely to have an idea of who the candidates for the 2013 elections are. Should there be misleading / incorrect information, don't hesitate to put it out in the open.

A. Senatorial Candidates (Upper house)

The senate is responsible for proposing and passing resolutions and bills such as RH bill, FOI bill, etc.

1. Alcantara, Samson
Currently a lawyer and law professor in PLM and UST
Against political dynasty

2. Angara, Sonny
Currently a House of Representative, and private lawyer
Used to teach law in CEU and New Era University
Against Divorce
Pro FOI, RH Law, Sin tax bill, Framework agreement on Bangsamoro
UP President who paved way for UP TOFI and stringent STFAP

Controversial issue: APECO (Aurora Pacific Economic Zone and Freeport), a brainchild of the Angaras, is an industrial/ recreational/ financial center that is supposed to create more employment opportunities for Casiguran residents. However, Casiguran residents say that APECO is legalized land grabbing as they are forced to sell their farming lands for 60,000 php hectare.

3. Aquino, Bam
Currently an entrepreneur
Co-founded Microventures, Inc which is known for Hapinoy (a program training sari-sari store owners)
Chairman of NYC
Against Divorce
Pro RH Law and Sin tax law

4. Belgica, Greco
Currently an entrepreneur and pastor
Against K12
Pro Decentralization

5. Binay, Nancy
Currently a personal assistant to her parents in public office

6. Casino, Teddy
Currently a congressman
Pro divorce, pork barrel system, PH claim to Scarborough Shoal, FOI bill, RH law, Cybercrime Law, LGBT
Anti sin tax law

Controversial issue: Respects the struggle and process of CPP and NPA. It seems that he upholds the system of NPA just as much as he upholds the Philippine Constitution (which can be rather contradictory)

7. Cayetano, Alan
Currently a lawyer and senator
Pro FOI, RH law, sin tax law, framework agreement on Bangsamoro
Anti Divorce
Sponsored UP Charter of 2007 which (in my opinion only) started the commercialization of UP

8. Cojuangco, Tingting
PhD in Public Safety

9. David, Lito
Currently a radio commentator
Against divorce, VFA, and RH law
Pro party list system reform

10. delos Reyes, JC
Currently an entrepreneur, formerly a councilor
Against RH law, divorce and pork barrel system
Pro PH claim in Scarborough shoal

11. Ejercito, JV
Currently a congressman
Pro FOI, cybercrime law, and marijuana legalization
Against divorce, RH law, cybercrime law, sin tax law
Abstained on sin tax bill

12. Enrile, Jack
Currently a businessman, formerly a representative
Against divorce

Controversial issue: Was allegedly connected with deaths of his "enemies"

13. Escudero, Chiz
Currently a senator
Against divorce, sin tax law
Pro FOI, RH law, cybercrime law, framework agreement on Bangsamoro
Co-authored UP charter of 2007

14. Falcone, Baldomero
Currently a business consultant
Against pork barrel system, and political dynasties

15. Gordon, Richard "Dick"
Currently a lawyer and chairperson of Philippine Red Cross
Past: changed Olongapo's image from the so-called sin city through imrpoving garbage collection, health and sanitation and fighting crime", WOW Philippines campaign, New Automated Elections System Law, etc
Pro divorce and FOI bill

16. Hagedorn, Ed
Currently mayor of Puerto Princesa
He headed environmental management and protection programs which earned Puerto Princesa international recognition
Pro divorce

17. Honasan, Gringo
Currently a senator
Pro FOI, cybercrime law, and sin tax law
Against divorce, RH law
Co-sponsor UP charter 2007

18. Hontiveros, Risa
NGO worker
Pro RH bill, sin tax law, anti political dynasty, divorce, total gun ban
Against cyrbercrime law, death penalty

19. Legarda, Loren
Currently a senator
Pro RH bill, sin tax law, framework agreement on Bangsamoro, cybercrime law
Against divorce
(I don't trust her declared assets - didn't change over time? HAHAHA)

20. Llasos, Marwil
Currently a lawyer and educator
Pro PH claim to Sabah
Against pork barrel system, k12, RH law, public-private partnership

21. Maceda, Enrile
Currently a lawyer
Has reputation for being corrupt

22. Madrigal, Jamby
Currently a businesswoman

23. Magsaysay, Jun
Currently a businessman
Sees the importance in creating investing opportunities in the Philippines
I love the older Magsaysay for how he is portrayed in history, I know that this doesn't guarantee that Jun will be like his father, but here's to hoping.

24. Magsaysay, Mitos

25. Montano, Ramon
Businessman and chief of the country's police force

26. Penson, Ricardo
Pro divorce, pork barrel system, oil deregulation, public-private partnership
Against political dynasty

27. Pimentel, Koko
Senator and law professor

28. Poe, Grace
MTRCB chair

29. Seneres, Christian

30. Trillanes, Sonny

31. Villanueva, Eddie
Religious movement leader who is pro RH bill and death penalty, but against same-sex marriage.

32. Villar, Cynthia
Wife of Manny Villar

33. Zubiri, Migz
Former congressman and senatorm, resigned due to issues on electoral fraud

A quick look on the senators' stand on issues
Watch your senators QA at

B. House of Representatives (Lower house)

The house of representatives or congressmen have the same function as senators - that is they propose and pass resolutions and bills as well. There are some slight nuances in the process though. Also, congressmen represent certain geographical location, unlike senators who are voted at large. It is also important to remember that money bills (or bills concerning government spending / tax allocation) originate from lower house.

1. Batalla, Virgilio
2. Cuenca, Edilberto
3. Lagdameo, Monique Yazmin
4. Lopez, Bro Mike

C. Local Candidates (Mayors, Vice Mayors, Councillors)

Mayors, vice mayors, and council members are responsible for ensuring that each cities' projects and municipal operations are kept and improved.

Mayor (1)
1. Binay, Jun-jun
2. Bondal, Rene

Vice-mayor (1)
1. De veyra, Marge
2. Pena, Kid

Council members (8)
1. Beltran, Lance
2. Casal-uy, Mayeth
3. Cruto, Arthur
4. Del Rosario, Monsour
5. Enciso, Glen
6. Eusebio, Ferdie
7. Hilario, Jhong
8. Kahiwat, Raymond
9. Lichauco, Anthony
10. Magpantay, Idol
11. Medina, Romy
12. Nadal, Leandro
13. Pregrina, Donato
14. Puno-Ramos, Tosca
15. Santos, Bambi
16. Teodoro, Andong
17. Trinidad, Jessy
18. Yabut, Ichi

D. Partylists

32. Katribu

Just check the partlists in this sample ballot:

You may check the ballot templates at

I am saddened that I can't even influence my mom to vote this coming elections. I am saddened that most Filipinos don't see any relevance in casting their votes. I want to say that I can't blame them, but no, I blame them. Their apathy is the reason why revolutionizing the status quo becomes very difficult.

I fear that I will vote the wrong people, but I'm willing to be accountable for any mistake I might make.

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