May 11, 2013

The texts I got from Taiwan

I have a sim card which I don’t really use, but I check it every now and then just to read old and new messages. Last week, I checked it and saw that I received some international texts from Taiwan. Here goes: 


1. It's 1 am and I just landed at the airport. I'm nervous.
2. Everything is written in Chinese. Chinese characters scare me.

3. The cab driver didn't give me enough change, but he was smiling and all so I didn't bother. After all, I'm too overwhelmed by the fact that I'm alone in a foreign land to argue over $2.


1. Too bad, no one is here with me to take my photos. 

2. Wow, people are much disciplined in lining up - the left side of the escalator is for overtaking only. People who wish to just ride and stop in the escalator must stay on the right side and not occupy the whole space

3. I'm now in a Gondola station. It is very noisy - Chinese noisy. HAHAHAHA I'm excited and scared.

4. Taiwan is highly modernistic with their tall buildings and praiseworthy landmarks yet the place maintains its trees and mountains, an urban forest in my standards.

5. MRT, buses, and roads have distinct spaces for the elderly, pregnant, and disabled people. It's amazing how people on wheelchairs stroll the city without any companion or help. It just goes to show how easy and safe it is to go around the city.

6. It's almost my departure time and I'm not in the airport yet; I fell asleep on the bus and got passed my destination. I'm lost in a province where it's difficult to find someone who understands English...

It is very scary when no one understands you. 


Compared to the Philippines, Taiwan, the country, is more tourist-friendly: there are english maps everywhere and the transportation system is such a breeze to follow. Moreover, Taiwanese people are generally helpful - just not as cheerful, approachable, and English-savvy as Filipinos. That said, Filipinos (the inhabitants of the Philippines) are more tourist-friendly than Taiwanese. 

After all has been said and done, I still love the Philippines dearly, but Taiwan is a country that we could learn from.



Did I mention that I was in Taiwan last weekend? HAHAHA I have a crazy habit of texting my old sim card about my feelings and insights everyday. Unfortunately, I forgot that international texts is enabled in my postpaid line. Why, hello 15php per text! 

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