May 20, 2013

Why get inked?

Why get inked?
Just because.
Just because you want to.

You may regret it after a day, a week, a month, a year, or a decade, but leave that worry for the future. For now, it is enough that you trust yourself and your decisions. And in the event that you do change your mind in the future, know that you will be okay. After all, your past decisions alone does not define you.

Cheers to us - who are capable of making decisions that we know we may regret, but do carry on still! Cheers to us, the brave ones!

Cheshire cat by Joey Viar of Ouch Tattoo Rob Ermita | 2009

Carpe Diem by Gene Testa of Rob Galleria | Mandirigmang Siopao by Bored Arlet :D | 2011

White Ink by Totoy of Sin City Tattoo | 2012

Warrior by Elbert Batioco of Dherts Tattoo | 2013
Mountains by Grace (Batok Tattooing) | 2014

Earth by Elbert Batioco | 2017

During the Tattoo Sessions

See you around!


  1. Love your warrior tat. :) Can you give me the contact details of Bert? Thanks!

    1. Hi Red! I commented it in your blog :) I think his Facebook is also public so you can message him there. Good luck!


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