May 20, 2013

Why get inked?

When I was a freshie, I wanted to know how it feels like to have piercings on my ear cartilage. Thus, I had my ear cartilage pierced a couple of times. (See to it that the equipment that will be used are sterilized or at least washed in alcohol. Apparently, mine wasn't so I got sick after.)

Come my sophie year, I wanted to know how it feels like to get inked. Thus, I got myself inked:

Cheshire cat of Alice in Wonderland

This was done by Joey Viar of Ouch Tattoo in Robinsons Ermita. We were supposed to make the eyes glow in the dark, but I don't remember what happened... In the end, it wasn't made to glow in the dark. Regardless, I am pleased with my first tattoo.

During my junior year, I wanted to know how it feels like to get inked in other parts of my body, so I tried getting inked on my waist.

Seize the day 

Honestly, I am not exactly sure if it was Gene Testa who made this tattoo since, all I remember is that I had this done in Robinsons Galleria. HAHAHAHA as for the guy beside me, I was just playing with his belly while waiting for our next class. I am such an artist! HAHAHAHA

When I started working, I wanted something that would constantly remind me of what I should be willing to do or not do for my ambitions in life. I wanted something that I would always see, but I didn't want others to see it as much. Hence, white inked tattoo

ambition & virtue

This one was made by Totoy of Sin City Tattoo in Katipunan. White ink is a little tricky as the color doesn't really stay white but it serves its purpose (in guiding me with my actions everyday. - NUUKSS kakaiyak) Friends also tell me that the first time they saw this, they weren't sure of what they were seeing. Thus, they had to stare longer and sometimes, they just can't help but ask me about what's actually written.

Just recently, I found a design which I really liked. And then it happened:

  Serves as a good conversation starter - meaning strangers talk to me because they are interested with my tattoo.


I am incredibly pleased with all my tattoos, especially the last one. That being said, I guess, this might be my last tattoo. (Or not coz I have way too many years ahead of me, HAHAHA)

Why get inked?
Just because.
Just because you want to.

Happy kid,

1. Getting a tattoo is not really as painful as you imagine it, but you will feel some sensation - especially if your tat design is so intricate that the session has been going on for almost 6 hours.

Eyebags... coz I'm so sleepy, and it's been hours since the session started 

2. It would make you feel comfortable if you trust the artist, so make sure to find that artist first.

3. Lastly, I was highly impressed with Bert (Elbert Batioco, from Paranaque), the one who did my warrior tat. He is definitely skilled and accommodating. He even gave us some ice cream and let us eat dinner at his house. Just tell me if you want to get him as your artist. I think he's good with linearts and solid colors, and his price is easy on the pocket :)

Your body is a temple, but how long can you live in the same house before you redecorate?

See you around!


  1. Love your warrior tat. :) Can you give me the contact details of Bert? Thanks!

    1. Hi Red! I commented it in your blog :) I think his Facebook is also public so you can message him there. Good luck!


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