July 13, 2013

Intramuros - The Spaniards' Crowned City

Intramuros must have been a glorious city, so glorious that remnants of its glory can still be witnessed now - some 400 years later. 

When the Spaniards came in the Philippines, they had their first colony in Cebu, but having heard of the richness of Manila (Intramuros was Manila), the Spaniards decided to explore the said island which was then in control of the Muslims. Spaniards gained control of Manila after defeating the Muslims.

Manila was then made as the center of political, military, and religious control of the Spanish Empire in Asia. As such, walls were built to protect the city from pirates and foreign invaders. Thus, Intramuros. 

Within the Walls

Intramuros literally means within the walls (some 8 ft thick walls, that is!). Only the Spaniards and Mestizos were allowed to live in Intramuros during the Spanish regime. Observing the beauty and intricacy of the architecture of Intramuros made me a bit sad as images of hundreds of Filipinos rendering forced labor flashes through my eyes.

Surely, I'll be back in Intramuros (perhaps on my own) as I want to understand the place more (without fear that my companions are getting bored with this city's olden glory). Should you be interested to do the same, just let me know! :) 

Reminds me of the convent mentioned in Noli Me Tangere where Maria Clara died


1. To go to Intramuros by train, get off at LRT Central station, and walk to Intramuros. Make sure to visit before 5pm as most parks close by 5pm.
2. There is a visitors' center near Fort Santiago. You can drop by there first to get maps, advice, etc.

See you around!

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