August 26, 2013

Abolish Pork

Abolish Pork

We do not care as much as we want to believe we do. And because of that, we will get tired of participating in this movement. And we will get back to living our comfortable lives - complaining about the system or worse, not even caring about the system. We will think that it is someone else's duty to do the right thing- someone's son, mother, cousin, friend, but never ours- never ours, because we are too busy chasing our dreams or our family's good future.

We are so damn proud about knowing current events, participating in one day demonstrations, or sharing information in social media. Perhaps, our country is really too stupid and rotten for us? We are pathetic, aren't we?

But whatever, I still support the abolition of the pork barrel campaign, and I think, that in a way, the protest shows that the people (regardless of status) can take a stand against something or for something - albeit short-lived.

And for that, non believers should not be too quick to judge.

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