August 10, 2013

First Attempt at Ice Skating

I have rode a bike only once, it was roughly four months ago (when I first learned how to ride a bike.) Learning to cycle just kept getting pushed back in my priority list. And just yesterday, it got pushed back some more :)

Yesterday was a non-working holiday (Eid ul Fitr) so I easily gave in when my friends invited me to go skating with them (but I was mostly just, falling and standing still, HAHAHAHA.) It was my first time to go skating and at first I was so embarrassed to try it, but once I was inside the rink, all my embarrassment disappeared into thin air. All I could think of was, why in the world did I wear shorts and ankle socks and not bring gloves.

Since I can stand and walk on ice without problems, I started with gliding small distances. And toe pick proved to be a problem. I kept on tripping on ice because majority of my weight rests on my toe instead of my heels. Good thing, I was pretty good with balancing (said my mentor, NUUKKSS Prin! HAHAHAHA) so I avoided falling down. As for me, there was no other way to avoid toe pick but by keeping on practicing and letting my muscle memory do the job.

Princess (the mentor) on ice

Once I significantly lessened my toe pick accounts, I prepared myself for longer glides. It was all okay, and I was learning relatively fast. And I was enjoying myself a lot... until I had my first fall.

My first fall took all my previous learning. Suddenly, I was scared to glide, scared to move, scared to get hurt, and just plain disoriented. HAHAHAHA well it hurt! It was when my learning curve plummeted.

After the first fall

After the first fall, I was unable to relax. I tried hard to not think of falling, but the burning sensation in my knees and hands kept on reminding me not to fall. Thinking of not falling resulted in me thinking of not trying at all. Thus, I did not try. The end.


I kept trying, but this time I was taking more steps and less glide - safer in my vocabulary. And then, there came my next and final fall.

After the 2nd fall

That did it. I stopped gliding and just rested my mind and body in the corner. HAHAHAHAHAHA that said, ice skating is one of my top priorities for weekends. This is because I did not get what I want. I just want to learn how to glide calmly and continuously. I wasn't asking for much, was I HAHAHAHAHAHA. 

I'll guess I'll see you guys on ice when my knees and arms don't hurt anymore! (And hopefully we're both wearing long socks, gloves, and knee-covering garment by then.)

Knees apart, guys!

I don't know. HAHAHAHA



  1. el.oh.el. arlet.

    Mentor, wtf. I'm just as clueless as you. But you and Elena are really quick learners. Just look at the wall-huggers! XDDDD

    Glad to know you had fun~ Glide glide glide na yan~

  2. Yep! Tell me the next time there's a voucher for sale. And I didn't know you had a blog!

  3. the first fall sucks pero ang importante eh yung pagbangon mula sa pagkadapa. haha :)

    1. HAHAHA parang may pinaghuhugutan, but yep, will keep that in mind!

  4. You're so cute! And ouch at your knee pic.

    I only learned how to ride a bike at the ripe age of 27. And I've never done ice skating. My balance is pretty much nonexistent. I'll probably lose teeth if I give it a try.

    1. I was a bit stupid to wear shorts kasi :) HAHAHA, I'm not sure if ice skating is worth learning if one lives in the Philippines- but it could be a bragging right, if that counts. HAHAHA, and don't lose a teeth!


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