August 18, 2013

Lifehacks at Home, in the Office, and on the Road

Listed below are some of my most favorite lifehacks at home, in the office, or while travelling:

A. At Home

1. Organize the jumbled wires in your room

I have lots of ponytail wraps for my hair. I like it because it's waterproof, but it's not very durable - or maybe my hair is just too big for the poor ponytail to handle. Whenever I broke one, I use it to organize the wires in my room (laptop/wifi/modem/etc)

Wire ponytail wrap

2. Make sure you use all of your clothes in the closet

I have (relatively) a lot of clothes, but I tend to use only my favorite ones. I have solved this problem via folding my recently used clothes in reverse. Thus, I am forced to use only the clothes that are not yet folded in reverse until all of my clothes are folded in such manner. For hung clothes, I look at the direction of the hanger's hook. If it is facing the wall, then I haven't used it; if it is facing me, then I have used it.

Clothes that are folded with their tags showing are the clothes I've used recently

Hangers with hook facing me are the clothes I've used recently
3. See all your clothes at once - without making a mess

If your clothes are stacked in a box or shelved rack, then you might want to consider rolling it rather than folding it. Rolling also makes it easier to see all your clothes at once. In fact, my house clothes that are placed in shelved racks are not folded, but rolled. This makes it is so much easier for me to choose clothes without making a mess of the other clothes.

Rolled clothes help me see all my clothes without making a mess of the other clothes

B. On the Road

1. Use TicTac containers for seasoning when on the road

If you're the person who is always in charge of the group's meal when travelling then it wouldn't hurt you to bring some spices such as salt, sugar, pepper, etc. To not be confused, you could label the TicTac containers, rather than putting the spices in a small plastic.

You can also use Tic Tac containers for your medicines, I do this all the time.

2. Save photos of places/food/etc in your phone when travelling in a place with different language

When I went to Taiwan, I stored photos of restroom, airport, certain tourist spots that I plan to visit in my phone. I wasn't able to use it since Taipei was pretty easy to navigate around especially with the maps and directions posted everywhere. What I was able to use was a photo of rice, I was asking restaurants if they had rice since I was really craving for rice, but the staff couldn't understand me not until I showed them a photo of rice :)

3. Roll clothes instead of folding them to fit in your backpack

I have been using this lifehack ever since I started camping as a girl scout during my fourth grade in elementary. It helps prevent wrinkles and save space in your backpack.

Surely, you have lifehacks of your own, I would appreciate it if you could share some with me. After all, we all want tips and tricks in getting things done more efficiently or effectively.

4. Keeping earphone wires untangled

See link: This kind of loop works best because when you pull the lock it untangles itself in a jiffy.

C. In the Office

1. Avoid foul odor when pooping in the office

This is embarrassing, but yeah, I SOMETIMES poop in the office. HAHAHAHA well, you see I have a relatively fast metabolism rate. I gotta go when I gotta go, but I don't want to leave proof (or odor) that I just pooped, so what I do to avoid the stinky smell is spray perfume/alcohol before and after taking a dump. The match trick (lighting a match to remove the stinky odor) might also help. HAHAHAHAHAHA



  1. I liked the technique of using ur clothes .. Very helpful

  2. The thing with hangers and tags are just too tiresome to do, don't you think? Haha! And I'm gonna try that devil's horns tie next time!

    1. It might be if you will start from scratch. I do it! It's not tiresome at all since after laundry you just fix it that way. Yes, devil's horns tie is sweet!


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