September 8, 2013

Another revelation: My ear is bleeding

I think it's obvious, but let me state it anyway: I am fascinated with dreams, and how it processes our waking life. Hence, I keep it a habit to write dreams that give me immense feelings of wonder. Some (not so complicated) dreams actually make it here in my blog.

A few nights ago, I had another dream that I think would do me good if I try to understand it:

I dreamt that I was accompanying someone to have his health checked up, but instead the doctor and nurses noticed that my ear was bleeding profusely. I checked it and saw how the blood was gushing from the inside of my ear. I was worried. I tried wiping off the blood from the inside to stop all the bleeding, but to no avail. 

My interpretation:

I think this means that I'm losing too much emotional energy listening to so many people and taking their considerations more than my owns - that I'm not acting in accordance with my true self - hence the dysfunctional ear.

Prophetic interpretation:

I also feel like I will be hearing some bad and offensive news in the very near future. Deep sigh.

Cheers to a good person!

Edited September 9
I did hear some bad news.

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