September 8, 2013

Balinese Massage at Body Tune

I was very stressed for more than a month now, so when I got invited to try Balinese massage at Body Tune, I immediately obliged. It was my first time to try a mall massage parlor as I'm used to only trying massage services that visit your home or rooms in hotels. 

I tried the Body Tune branch at 5F Building B, SM Megamall. The Balinese massage costs 840 for 1 hr which I consider a bit expensive especially with the advent of discounts found in group buying sites nowadays. 

Since I just took a bath and my hair was actually still wet, I didn't take a shower and sauna anymore. I hope my masseuse, Ms. Tina, didn't mind :) The massage room was tiny with a massage bed, dimly lit lamp and small locker for your belongings.

I just lied on my stomach and relaxed. Ms. Tina lathered oil all over my body and started the Balinese massage. I don't know the difference between Balinese/ Swedish/ Shiatsu massage, but goodness gracious, I felt so good while she was massaging my back, thigh, legs and feet. Although, it felt a bit embarrassing as I get ticklish when my feet is being massaged. Anyway, I felt all my back nodules disappear.

After the massage, you will be given a hot tea or coffee (depending on what you like), hot towels to wash yourself, and a tip envelope. Since I was satisfied with the service, I gave a reasonable tip (reasonable being between 10-15% of the total amount).

I think I shall be trying more massage parlors next time!

Body Tune: The Traditional Thai Massage
5F Building B, SM Megamall

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