September 18, 2013

California Maki, Almost

Because of a series of unplanned events, I now have (relatively) more time for myself. That being said, I try to catch up with my whims - that includes movie marathons, brushing up my history, reading books, drawing, swimming, prank calling my friends, occasionally contemplating with life (WAIT whut? mehehe), and of course, being in the kitchen!

For last night's midnight snack, I decided to make California maki for my father and I (my brother and mother are not fans of Japanese food.) Let's start?

Step 1. Ingredients

You will need (1) Japanese rice, (2) nori, (3) crabsticks, (4) fish eggs, (5) mango, (6) japanese mayo, and (7) cucumber. We didn't have japanese mayo so I just used regular mayo, and I don't really like cucumber so I didn't put one. HAHAHA 

For 25 pcs of California maki, I used up the following

1. 2 cups of Japanese rice
2. 2 spoonfuls of fish eggs (I don't understand, why is this thing so expensive?)
3. 5 crabsticks (the thick ones)
4. 2 sheets of Nori


Step 2. Utensils

You will need (1) rolling mat, (2) knife, (3) a bowl with water - for you to wet your hands/knife every now and then to lessen the stickiness of the rice.

Step 3. Cut the nori in half and then flatten a layer of rice over it.

Step 4. Spread fish egg all over and then flip it over the rolling mat

Step 5. Add mayo, mango, and crabstick. Personally, I like it with lots of mayo.

Step 6. Roll it, silly.

Step 7. Cut it, and repeat the process. Voila, you're done!

Look how bad my first maki looked. HAHAHA - tastes good anyway

Personally, the most challenging part in making maki is refraining myself from licking my fingers and eating the ingredients. I think I failed on this quite a few times. I only stopped myself from doing so when I have already eaten more than 10 pcs, I guess? HAHAHAHA

You can use the rolling mat in holding the maki while cutting it. This will enable you to avoid pressing the maki too hard that you destroy the shape of the maki roll.

Next, I want to make spicy tuna roll, and spicy salmon too! but I can't find any sushi grade salmon and tuna, do you know where I can buy some (in small sizes only)?



  1. I've always wanted to try this (since I'm no good with knives so sushi is out of the question).

    Where did you buy the rolling mat, the nori and the roe?

    1. I bought it all in the grocery store in Landmark, but I think SM megamall and makati also have it in stock.

      Rolling mat is in the appliance/non food section (rightmost side of the supermarket - opposite the fresh produce part). Nori is in the 1st row of products from the fresh produce part - I think the category is Japanese/Korean delicacies or something. Roe is in the frozen products section.

      Good luck!

  2. i've tried this once but failed. so all the bamboo thingy and stuff are nowhere to be found. haha. good job arlet!

  3. Hello.. where did you buy the tobiko or fish eggs and how much? Thanks

    1. Hello, forgot how much, but I bought it at Landmark Grocery. I guess large grocery stores have it.


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