September 8, 2013

Josefina Garden Grill and Restaurant

My mom coaxed me into treating the family for a lunch out at Dampa Seaside in Roxas Boulevard. I thought that it was nice because I like the concept of "paluto" wherein we can buy seafood in the wet market and have it cooked for us. However, my mom has a different plan: she already bought an eat-all-you-can deal from Metrodeal for Josefina Garden and Grill Restaurant for only 300/pax. 

We arrived at the place around 11:30am on a Saturday. There were ample parking and the place had a really nice ambiance if you are located outside, near the buffet table. 

The buffet was opened after around 5 or 10 minutes from our arrival so the place wasn't packed yet so you have the luxury to choose the table you want, and the meals still look appetizing.  

Since I was in there for lunch - and not buffet, I just picked rice and a main course to match. 

I got myself some chopped liempo. There were sauces that you could choose from, but it didn't look appetizing and the others were not getting it as well. Hence, I decided to let it off the hook this time. Maybe it was a wrong move on my part, as the liempo tasted a bit bland and dry - maybe it does need some sauce. 

I got their soy sauce mix instead but it tasted too sour for me so I ended up eating the liempo as it is. Perhaps they should just put condiments and saucers on the table so guests can make mixes according to their liking.  

I also got myself some baked mussels and sinigang (shrimp, big fishes) which were my favorite dishes in the buffet. The mussels, shrimp, and fishes were fresh and the meat were firm but not rubbery. 

I also helped myself to some servings of watermelons. It wasn't that sweet, but it was okay considering that I haven't had watermelons in a while. 

There were also pasta, vegetables, lumpia, ensalada, and kakanin which tasted average - except for the pancit - it was too salty. 

Overall, I think for 300php, it was fairly priced for a small eater like I am, but for 500 and up there may be other restaurants that can be more memorable. I think this would be a good inuman place though, I just don't know how much their beers are.

By the way, drinks are not included in the buffet - a 1.5L of Pepsi is 100php. 

Have you ever tried Josefina's? Let me know your thoughts!

Josefina Garden Grill and Restaurant
Dampa, Macapagal, Metro Manila Pasay City
(02) 515 9130

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