September 27, 2013

Six Minutes per Chapter

Six minutes per chapter is my average reading time for Hunter x Hunter manga, however it can take longer around 10 minutes if the story is circling around a complex strategy or technique of sort or if the story is too emotional that I have to take a few minutes to smile/contemplate/ whatever. HAHAHA

Some Hunter x Hunter spoilers ahead.

I was 11 years old when I first started watching Hunter x Hunter. Gon Freecs, the main protagonist of the series was 12 years old. Now, he is 14 and I am 21 - WTH, HAHAHA but seriously speaking, Gon Freecs is kind of my role model in life, WAIT WHAT? HAHAHA yes, I get really weird when it comes to Gon. I mean his strategies are admirable - creative and smart! and his character is also inspiring! It's making me awkward too. WHAT IN THE WORLD AM I SAYING?! HAHAHA but yeah, some friends have called me out on this weirdness saying I can't have a fictional character as my "role model in life." But I can't help it, most people I meet or know are just... never mind. HAHAHAHAHAHA

I hope Togashi Yoshihiro gets himself together and continue Hunter x Hunter already. it's been 15 years since he started the manga, and I believe we're only halfway through the story because Togashi mentioned 3 or 4 more stories after the chimera ant arc. If this goes on, we'll need another 15 years for it to end. Is Togashi like Komugi (Chimera Ant arc) who has calculated everything from the start or is he still thinking of the plot (especially now that Gon and Ging have finally met?)

As I mentioned, Gon and Ging have already met, that was the previous plot of Hunter x Hunter, so I suppose the next 3-4 stories are the 2nd part/plot of HxH? Will it be enough to tie all loose ends - Dark Continent, Netero's son, Gon's mom, Killua's grandmother, Alluka, Kurapika's revenge, Kororo's fight with Hisoka, Gon's transformation to that ... big guy, the chimera eggs that's about to hatch, the next hunter exam, Leorio's ambition, etc. Hmm, the story's progress is just taking too long!

Sorry for spouting out all these, I just can't stop thinking about HxH after doing a marathon of the 2011 anime series and the manga. I swear this anime makes me smile and contemplate positively about (my) life. I'm really reconsidering getting a Gon-inspired tattoo. And again, yes, I'm weird. HAHAHAHA

"Sometimes you shine so brightly, I need to look away" -Killua to Gon. I died a little.

Anyway, playtime's over. But I must say, a little nonsense from time to time feels amazing.


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  1. I love this couple, too. :) I'm glad to see a fellow "grown-up" enjoying this awesome piece.
    Cheers to endless youth!


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