June 30, 2013

World War Z

My dad, boss, and one of my friends were the ones who recommended World War Z to me. Coming from them, I expected a lot from the movie. I also remember my brother talking about world war z years ago - maybe it was the book? Anyway, with those recommendations, it was prudent of me to watch the movie.

courtesy of aceshowbiz.com

Hmmm, the movie was entertaining enough but fell short of my expectation - kinda like how I felt when I watched Brave and Hunter x Hunter. I was, however, intrigued into reading the book. I feel like there are allusions in the book that I will find really interesting, allusions that weren't obvious to me in the film. 

Storywise, I like it because it has a unified direction. It just lacked on emotion - I didn't care about the people "dying"; it didn't even make me heavily question any aspect of the story - probably because it's an action film? I don't know. Ironically, instead of getting grossed out and scared, I found myself laughing because of the zombies' antic, and let's not forget North Korea's strategy of removing teeth, that's 10 points for you Pyongyang.

Lastly, I think I'm also thankful that the film wasn't gory or scary because it would have haunt me in my sleep and even my bathing time. HAHAHAHA 

Food Porn: Amber's

I remember when my best friend used to come to our house just to kill time. She would always have a box of pichi pichi with cheese so I would not make her go home. HAHAHA I miss those days. Anyway, Amber's has grown bigger since then: their food is still sumptuous with the exception of the calamares- being so rubbery in texture. 

However, their delivery mechanics have become a bit annoying. When ordering from Amber's, we always get palabok, spaghetti, pichi pichi, barbecue, shanghai, and calamares. Considering that they have a fixed delivery charge of 100php in my area, I thought that there would be no minimum order already. 

I was wrong. 

I wanted to order 1 box of palabok, spaghetti, calamares and pichi pichi for my brother and I.  Additionally, I wanted 4 barbecue and 4 shanghai, but the lady said that I have to order at least 10 of each if it's for delivery. I reasoned that there was already a fixed delivery charge and that the delivery time is 3 hours from the time I called so perhaps they can pool the preparation with the other orders for barbecue - which I'm positive is always on queue. But the lady wouldn't agree - saying that it was SOP for barbecue and shanghai orders to be at least 10. 

I was very disappointed with that rule. Defeated, I went on with my orders along with the 10pcs of barbecue for 20php each for just my brother and I. It was an expensive lunch, I must say. 


I like Amber's but I don't think I'll order again in the near future. I think it's more cost effective to just take a cab to and from the restaurant. That would cost me around 120 only, but if they still require me to order at least 10pcs of barbecue and shanghai, then, they can put those back in the freezer. I'll just buy from Goldilocks.

Food Porn: Mey Lin Pot & Noodle House

Last father's day, most restaurants were jam packed with families. Good thing we passed by atrium and saw Mey Lin with available seats. My mom has never tried Mey Lin so she was a bit hesitant to go in, but we didn't have a choice anyway - read back first sentence. 

1. Pork Spareribs (?)
I dislike spareribs in general so it's no surprise that I didn't like this one either. There's just too much fat, even my brother says so. I would prefer baby back ribs any time.

2. Clam soup
I like this halaan (that's how we call this dish at home.) The version that I'm used to is the one with plenty of ginger, but this is okay. It washes away the grease of the other food we ate.  

3. Steamed mixed vegetables
This is probably the surprise of the day for me. I know I won't like the spare ribs or that I would like the halaan, but this... I expected this dish to be mediocre at best, but I was wrong. It tasted really good, I can smell the butter from every bite, but I can't taste it so it leaves me wanting more. And the vegetables are still crispy and fresh. 

June 22, 2013

Unsurprising revelation

It started with me getting pregnant.
And it ended with me losing the baby.

What happened in between was the weird part. When I found out that I was pregnant, it wasn't particularly remarkable. I just couldn't care less. Then when I gave birth to the baby, I was lending it out to people- like it wasn't anything precious. I was handing it to people I didn't even know, or at least people I couldn't recognize or remember at the time. After a while, I lost the baby. I just couldn't remember whom I've given it to. Then, I woke up.

It was my dream last Thursday night.

Upon waking up, I already had an interpretation of the dream. I immediately came up with the conclusion that I'm giving something of high value to just anyone. I was giving away my time to people who don't matter. I was giving away my time to things that aren't important- like I was taking it for granted. I was shortsighted.    

Now let me tell you about my work. I am originally in business development and sales - which I find fulfilling most of the time. But since the company is still relatively small, I am also in accounts, marketing, etc., I get to be berated for things that are oftentimes out of my control. It's similar across industries - according to different business blogs and satirical comics I've been following. You apologize for things that wasn't even your fault in the first place. But you try to solve it anyway because you genuinely care for the business and the clients. You get all worked up trying to solve things- only to realize that your actions are just band-aid solutions. You have to dig deeper, and you need more power to be able to implement the grassroots solutions.

Sadly, you don't have that kind of influence.
You try to suggest anyway.
But your voice gets lost in the voicemail.
That's when it gets clear, you're wasting your time.

Perhaps, it's time I give up this accounts job completely until further notice. I'd rather focus my resources on things that I can influence directly. Otherwise, I'll be having a "lost baby" once again (and I'll hate myself for it.)


It seems that the patriarchal society is deeply ingrained in my unconscious that I equate motherhood/baby to something very precious. I wonder if guys would ever have a similar metaphor.

June 16, 2013

Food Porn: Passion at Resorts World Manila

I've been having some problems with my health lately so I am unable to enjoy most of my meals, but today is not that day. The team was invited to the screening of Man of Steel in Resorts World Manila last Thursday. Before watching the film, we first pigged out at Passion

Passion is a fine-dining Cantonese restaurant at Resorts World. You can see that the place is packed with people in suits or dresses. Initially, I was embarrassed with my flood-soaked jeans, but wth; it's not like these people know me anyway. HAHAHAHA

I wasn't able to get the names of the dishes we tried since I was busy chatting with my seatmates.

chicken crisps?

crispy noodles?

Huhu, the duck head is scaring me


I like everything we ordered, but my favorite would be the noodles and caramelized prawns - no photo. My officemates' favorite was the beef, I wasn't able to taste it since I was very full when it arrived. There were other dishes that I was unable to try and take photos of because of laziness and whatnot. HAHAHA

One thing is for sure, the quality of the food is far from the usual. You can notice the crispiness or juiciness or whatever the dish is supposed to look/taste like. I totally enjoyed this night!

Leaving you with this photo of the "Juice of the day" HAHAHA 

June 12, 2013

To be truly a free man in a free country

Protect your freedom; get rid of unnecessary commitments and possessions

"Perhaps when we find ourselves wanting everything, it is because we are so dangerously close to wanting nothing."

I frequently dream of being a nomad, and occasionally I act upon it by going out at night and taking a very long walk until I get tired (or scared from the unfamiliarity that the night brings). My feet brings me back home because of fear, or because of bracing realization that I have work tomorrow. Lately, this dream happen in my waking life - while commuting, walking home, staring at the computer, talking with clients, etc.

I want to go, and go, and go, until I want to go back, but some socially constructed reality have been solidified in my head, making me think that it is more important to be "successful" than happy - however that plays to be.

I wonder when "this" will end. Oh well, happy independence day to those who truly have it! Careful darling, that can be easily snatched from you. Guard it with your life. 

June 3, 2013

Almost Epic

Epic, adj.
impressively great

courtesy of artinsightsmagazine.com

Spirited Away (for me) was epic. And so is Ponyo, and Tangled, and Animal Farm... but Epic (2013) fell a little short on being impressively great - it was enjoyable though. Luckily, I expected it to be worse, so finding out that it wasn't as bad as I expected it to be is a welcomed feeling. 

The opening billboard wasn't captivating so expect to lean in (or at least stop playing iconomia) during the latter part. As for me, I started paying more attention when the father explained his theory on the speed of the little people. It reminded me of aliens :) HAHAHAHA Just an aside, but I am fascinated with the idea of aliens. I think that the world is too big for me to believe that aliens do not exist.


The previous statement is the reason why I like the premise of the movie. The characters were okay but not really notable - except for the slug and the snail, they are puppies! hihi. There were lots of funny scenes thanks to them. 

I guess that's about it. Epic (2013) is an entertaining film - just don't expect it to be the pure "epic". You can, however, consider the below description:

Epic, adj.
pertaining to a long poetic composition, usually centered upon a hero, in which a series of great achievements or events is narrated in elevated style.