January 13, 2014

Student Life vs Working Life

Graduation is just around the corner, and I'm sure a lot of bright eyed seniors are scouting for a spot in the corporate world already. Hence, my friend and I decided to make a comparison between the student life and the early working life. 

It's best to anticipate what you are getting into after all. 

1. On clothes and overall appearance
In my university, we didn't have dress codes so I used to go to class wearing shorts, shirt, and slippers. Of course this is not the case in the corporate world, but I didn't expect that almost all of my clothes will be useless - well mostly because my work then was from Mondays to Saturdays. Hence, I only use my casual clothes on Sunday, and if you're the type who goes to church on Sundays, then perhaps you're better off lessening your college wardrobe, and have an overall wardrobe change.

2. On going out with friends
Unless your friends work in the same company as you do, chances  are that you'll have to schedule all your dates together. This is a test of friendship: because of your limited time, you prioritize the dates you go to and the people you meet, hence you come to realize who among your friends are worth exchanging some personal time or some family time for.

3. On changing numbers and getting data plan
I noticed that after graduation most of my friends and I switched to getting a postpaid plan (which for those who chose Globe ended up regretting afterwards - but that's  another story.)

4. On idealism and wanting to change the world
Fresh graduates are usually hopeful of the future - and rightly so. However, the road ahead might not be as easy nor as adventurous nor as glamorous. It's filled with sentiments like "Am I on the right path?", "What the hell am I doing with my life?", "Fuck this shit", "What happened to partying like a rockstar?", "How am I going to travel the world now", or "Where's my iPhone, iPad, DSLR, Toyota Camry, etc?"

5. On working with stupid or annoying people
In the university, you can always choose to ignore stupid or annoying people. You can also give them a poor evaluation if it's a group or forced pair project. This is not the case in the workplace. Your teammates will not change as often, and so you'll have to learn how to collaborate with them effectively and efficiently or the whole project will suffer. This can also be applied to accounts, clients, or even consumers. Try reading 99u or Harvard Business blogs to have an idea on how to work with them.

You're getting paid to work with your team or your clients after all. Please try not to strangle any of them.

6. On Friday syndrome
TGIF! Everyone is lively or happy on Thursday, because it will be Friday the next day. People are all the more happy on Friday. You hear everyone singing merrily "It's Friday tomorrow lalala" or "It's already Friday lalala" I guess some things never change, huh?

Conversely, you'll see some people sighing during Mondays.

7. On holidays, storm signal suspensions, and vacations
Your vacation will not be 2 months long anymore. You will have to report to work on certain holidays. And most of all, you will acquire a superpower: you will be waterproof. 

8. On financial status
You'd often wonder why you''re still as broke as when you were still a student. In fact you might wonder why it seems like you had more money when you were just a student. You're either hopeful or desperate on the days nearing the 15th and the 30th of the month. On the bright side (or not), you can also put your expenses on credit now.

9. On eating and gaining weight
You now google the word diet, or how to lose belly fat. You even think of getting a gym membership. You used to eat a whole pizza for yourself and not get a bulge, but now, but now?! You're just going to drink coffee, and you're asking if it's sugar free? Yes, your days as the dirty sexy little bitch is over.

Well, I have nothing more to do here. Congratulations on your graduation! And good luck surviving your early days in the corporate world!


All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is purely coincidental. If you don't believe me, hey chill! It's just a blog post. HAHAHA


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  2. Can't believe we pulled out your number 5 strength - Perseverance *Burst into tears. HAHAHAHAHA

    1. HAHAHAHA of course! I really enjoyed making this! let's collaborate again after your thesis (if we're both in the mood that is.) Best of luck with your client, haha!

    2. Thanks! (And if you're not busy with your client too). :)

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