January 29, 2014

Zero Visibility: Following the Melody

Arrogant are people who think they can conquer mountains, but more arrogant are people who try to conquer mountains without regards for certain conditions.

We were supposed to have a 360 degree view of the Mantalongon mountain range had the fog not been this thick.

 Numerous flights have been cancelled in the nearby areas, and news of a coming storm in the region were spreading. It was the day of our climb to Osmena Peak, the highest point of elevation in Cebu. I was with two other girls who were as excited as I was to trek Osmena Peak for the first time- so we became arrogant.

Getting to Osmena Peak

You can start your trek from the Mantalongon market to the foot of Osmena Peak. It is about a 2-3 hour trek depending on the size and stamina of your group. It would be a good idea to bring a jacket as temperature could suddenly drop. You can ask around for complete directions, but from the highway coming from Mantalongon market, you should turn left twice on the first 2 fork roads, and then turn right on the 3rd fork road. After that, the trail will be one way only (but I'm not very sure as I don't remember the trail that much anymore.)

During our hike, it was already raining so we opted to take a habal habal (motorcycle taxi) from Mantalongon market to the foot of the mountain to avoid further delays that might increase the chances of experiencing heavier rainfall while ascending the mountain

Strong wind, and painful raindrops

Hey, we have to be happy with our choices - no matter how much we wish for a different circumstance!

From the foot of the mountain, it is a 15-30 minute trek to the summit. You can ask the kids around to guide you or you can do it yourself: just be on the lookout for the trail leading to the summit.

We got ourselves a kid to guide us because the fog was already so thick and we figured it would be problematic if we ended up getting lost in that weather. Regretfully, the kid wasn't particularly guiding us: he was too far ahead of us that we had a difficult time seeing him let alone following his steps. His only saving grace is that he was singing a calming song all throughout the climb - at least we were able to follow his voice.

I  think I just wasted my time taking this photo of nothing but whiteness

The trail wasn't tiring but it was extremely muddy and slippery because of the non stop rain in the area. I had to remove my shoes to avoid accidentally slipping off (Yes, I still don't have a good trek shoes until now, HAHAHA) I did not slip off, but my feet were covered with cuts and bruises from branches of shrubs to edges of rock. Ouch!

Osmena Peak

"The cold never bothered me anyway" - NOT!

Cold is an understatement. There were a few seconds wherein the surrounding was completely quiet. The wind stopped blowing, and everything was still. We were so freaked out of what could follow that we stayed close with each other. Thankfully, nothing happened. We had a quick rest, and then we descended immediately as the weather was getting worse.

It's thrilling.

Take care!

Osmena peak  is considered as the Little Baguio of Cebu.

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