February 4, 2014

For the Love of Good Old Times, Choose Cebu

Whenever my friend and I  were feeling incredibly lazy, we would change the itinerary and just stroll or pig out around Cebu city. And why not, the city is filled with delightful things (read as food,) For attractions, we visited Tops lookout at Mt Busay, the local theme park / funfair at South Road Properties (SRP), food bazaar at Fuente circle, Larsian, Taboan, Pro fruit and 7D factory, Fort San Pedro, and Magellan's cross.We would have visited the churches but it was badly affected by the recent typhoon.

Fort San Pedro houses paintings and relics that showcases the history of Cebu from Magellan's discovery of the island to its present state. It resembles that of Intramuros, but smaller.

Walls of Fort San Pedro

Afterwards, we went to Magellan's cross which is near Fort San Pedro. Don't expect to see a humongous cross as you will only get disappointed. Look:

Magellan's cross

When buying souvenirs or pasalubong, you can drop by at 7D Factory or Pro fruit factory for some dried mangoes, tamarinds, and the likes. For dried seafood, Taboan would be your best bet.

For hangout place, SRP, Fuente, Larsian, and Tops lookout are remarkable. With the exception of Tops, each place entails you to "rough it out" a bit. These are not shopping malls after all. Also keep in mind that the funfair in SRP, and the food bazaar in Fuente circle are only available on certain seasons. Do check first before visiting.

Eating out with a new friend (Holla MM!) at Fuente Circle

By the way, most eateries in Cebu don't have spoon and fork so don't go complaining if the staff serve your food without giving you utensils.

Eating out at Larsian

Larsian is a small community of food stalls that sell grilled stuff. It is like a local food court with the grilling station at the center. The smell of grilling seafood and meat is mouthwatering and dizzying to some extent. I love it!

View from Tops lookout (my camera did no good in capturing the beauty of the city)

Tops lookout or Tops is a viewing deck on top of Mt. Busay. It gives you a view of the whole Cebu.

Perya (local theme park) at SRP

I love theme parks, carnivals, and amusement parks so I immediately agreed when my friend asked if I wanted to go to South Road Properties! Despite being terrified of accidentally falling off and dying morbidly, I still enjoy riding the Ferris wheel, octopus, roller coaster, caterpillar, cable cars, etc! I dislike horror houses and gambling though. Hence, I left those out of my checklist.

My friends think otherwise, and they were betting at every color wheels, spin the wheel, spin off black jack, find the dice, shoot the ball, etc! It was very noisy, and lively, and fast! The exchange of money was so quick I couldn't even tell who was winning or losing. Heck, I couldn't even tell when the game started or ended!

But I guess, what I love most about Cebu...
And what I miss and crave for gravely about Cebu...
And what I constantly think of about Cebu...

Is their food. Gosh, I love their food!
Despite being greasy, and fatty, and certainly unhealthy, I love it! I love it to bits! I love it until I hate it, and then love it again! HAHAHAHAHA

Balamban liempo, chorizo, carcar chicharon, siomai, zubuchon, puso, and did I mention Balamban liempo, and oh my goodness, BALAMBAN LIEMPO! 


Standing dinner on the street just because it is already 1am and anything will taste absolutely lovely

Edit (2017 August)

Went to Temple of Leah, Taoist Temple, and La Vie Parisienne

Edit 2018 April: I went to Simala Church and Panagsama beach for the dolphin run


Did I already mention Balamban liempo?!

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  1. I'm from Cebu but I've never been to Kasadya in SRP (perya). :(

    Good news is Balamban Liempo has branches in Mandaluyong and QC :)

    1. Hi Mustachio! Thanks for dropping by. Yes I have read online that they have a branch in QC, but I can't seem to find it. Have you visited the stores personally?

      You should go and visit the next time it opens, it is a lively and interesting place! I think it's open until Valentines?

    2. Lots of Balamban Liempo stalls along the roads here in Cebu :) I usually just buy and take it home.

      I never got to visit Kasadya sa SRP.. I always say ah it's near, I can go tomorrow...and then tomorrow never comes. Hahaha.

    3. About time (the next time it opens), Mustachio!


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