February 8, 2014

Mt Maculot, Ayson, Tado, and Life in General

Ambilis ng buhay
Life is too short.

After concluding my Cebu trip, I headed to Mt. Maculot with a different set of strangers. Mt. Maculot has recently become famous because it is where mountaineer Victor Ayson died.

One of the strangers I was with is a former teammate in a competition during High School. Afterwards. we forgot that each other exists, because we were from different schools, and it was just a one day event anyway. I reconnected with her through Facebook when I chanced upon her profile in a travel page that I used to frequent. It turns out that she became quite an adventurer herself- she solo backpacked Malaysia. I asked for her advice because I was supposed to go to Malaysia too (hadn't I caught german measles, mleh.)  And then everything went from there.

Back to Mt. Maculot

Taal c/o The Female Tramp

I don't know exactly why or how Ayson died and I don't want to speak about it as well because I am not in any position to do so, but Mt. Maculot is an easy day trek. The sand can be slippery at some parts of the mountain, and can be more so during rainy season, but it is still relatively easy. We started our hike at 9am and got back at 2pm, it was quick considering we took our time resting and taking photos during the hike. You will get a beautiful view of the Taal volcano and nearby areas once you're on top of the rockies.

"Maculot buddies" c/o The Female Tramp
Rockies c/o The Female Tramp
Sitting there (the part where Ayson slipped according to reports) can be scary when you think of accidentally falling off, but why would you think that, right? Well, I thought of that. I tried to imagine how Ayson might have felt, and couldn't even bring myself to continue imagining.

I don't like it - hearing news of people getting hurt while traveling. It is sad, and it makes traveling a scary feat which is also sad. Just yesterday I heard the news about Tado's death, which is of course heartbreaking. It is a cliche, but it is real: life is too short. Life is too short.

But I guess I would rather have my life short than unbearable.
And right now, to not travel is unbearable.

Peace to the dead, and more peace to the bereaved.



Possible expenses to Mt. Maculot
Bus from Edsa to Cuenca - 155php
Guide fee - 100 each person in the group (regardless of the number of people in the group)
Registration fee - 10php

This post is not as cohesive as I would like it to be, but life is so anyway. 

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