May 27, 2014

How to Lose #Friends After College

Before answering the question how to lose friends after college, let's ask first why one would want to lose friends in the first place. Not sure for you guys, but I like to keep my close friends and relationships as minimal as possible, because (1) I believe that one can have too many close friends, and (2) I would like to protect my freedom as much as I can - and that involves getting rid of needless commitments, and yes, unnecessary friendships.

On having too many close friends

If you have a lot of close friends whom you'd need to attend all at once (due to same reasons), then you will be forced to prioritize someone or some few people only. You definitely cannot attend to all of them, but how can you even call yourself their close friend if you can't even attend to them when they need you?

On protecting freedom

The more close friends you make, the more commitments you will have to keep, and ultimately the less time/freedom you will get for yourself. Remember that if you want freedom, then always get rid of needless possessions, relationships and commitments. And I say, "give me liberty or give me death."

Now, let's try to answer the question, "how to lose friends after college?"

May 4, 2014

Adieu. All is Well.

"I will not insult you by trying to tell you that one day you will forget. I know as well as you that you will not. But, at least, in time you will not remember as fiercely as you do now - and I hope that that time will be soon."

I am like you, someone who walked by her side from time to time. From time to time only because she was always out there, seeking the world, and then happily showing it to others, happily showing it to me - I love the world more because of her.


She didn't always say it, but I know she loved me, and I know she loved all of you too. She used to be a very proud person, but love eroded that. She would apologize for things that aren't even her fault, because she hates letting time pass by with her loved ones mad, disappointed, or sad because of her.

She was kindhearted and inspiring.

She believed that the least she could do when something falls to her feet, is to pick it up. And that she did. She did what she could to help those that she can - whether it's giving food to street children, joining outreach programs, or visiting cancer ward patients.

She stood for what she believed in, and worked hard for it. Whenever I saw her working (so hard), it became almost impossible for me not to root for her.


She had her demons, but you could tell that she was genuinely happy, and in awe with life. Her eyes looked at the world like it was her first time to see the clouds. Her face turned to the sun like it has never seen the sun shone. Her smile gets to the heart of people like it has been there before.

She enjoyed her stay here, and lived a life of radical amazement; she'll most likely enjoy wherever she is now too. All is well.

So long, and I love you.

May 1, 2014

Anywhere is Good. Whatever is Fine.

It has been a season of change and transformation for me. I am not as in control of things as I was anymore. And it scares me. That same fear is the reason why I felt like running away for a few days - running back to a place and situation I'm familiar with.

I am still in the process of taking "that jump."

My little vacation turned out to be very exhausting, because I seemed to have traveled with the whole Manila crowd, but hey I'm not complaining! HAHA in fact I'd go (anywhere), no matter what, no matter how.

1. Liliw, Laguna

Liliw is a quiet town with a scenic surrounding. The mountain towering in the background, the beautiful people walking to the church, the blue sky watching over us, the icy cold drinking water from the spring - the place can really bring back one's sanity

Up in the sky, you can see forever.

It was my first time to get hosted by an extended family, and it brought back  a lot of childhood memories - I was raised by my grandparents, uncles, and aunties in the province after all. It was crazy! I was asked a gazillion times if I had eaten or not, and consequently was invited a gazillion times to eat more. God forbid I say no! Haha!

2. Majayjay Falls, Laguna

Majayjay falls area changed a lot since I last visited. The hanging bridges are no longer safe to pass by, the rooms have been burnt down to merely foundations, and camping seemed to be the only option of lodging inside the premise. The water falls is as cold as ever though.

Too many people competing for space

3. Laiya, Batangas

Life is beautiful.

The crowd in Majayjay was too overwhelming that my friend and I decided to move to Laiya. We would have climbed Mt. Daguldol since the jump off point is just around the area. Unfortunately, circumstances didn't permit it. We had to settle for the beach, which can be enjoyable if you stay on the farther side, or if you swim to the raft in the middle of the sea and stay there. Nothing to see underwater though.

It was an exhausting and rejuvenating break for me. In the future though, I probably won't head to Batangas, Laguna, and Quezon province during Holy week. It's a battle field.

Shout out to the kind people we've met along the way: (1) our neighbor campers who provided us food, cooking oil, cigarette, water, etc, (2) the barangay personnels who helped us get a ride, (3) the couple who gave us a ride from Batangas to Quezon, and of course (4) the family who hosted us for 3 days!

"You don't have to be special, you just have to be a good person"

Cheers to a good person!