July 16, 2014

Plus Ones

Love is always in the air, and I almost don't want to breathe it.

HAHAHA. Kidding aside, my group of friends is getting bigger and not because I'm getting friendlier, but because my friends are introducing their plus ones.


The Original Eleven (minus Luigi)

#Friends plus ones

Ay kagulo sa dami, next time with babies na sila, OPS jk :))

Needless to say, their plus ones are as awesome as them, except maybe for Jiah - She's definitely more awesome than our friend Jared. Hello, Jared! Your mom is also awesome!

Getting surrounded by these couples is another story though. It's a bit freakish especially once they start talking about being stable, marriage, settling down, and a bright (blinding actually) future together. And they seem to talk about such all the time - during roadtrips, dinner, upon waking up, before sleeping, while waiting for pizza - all the time. Suddenly, you smile and wonder how you've got nothing figured out anymore. Gosh, I don't even know what to eat for breakfast tomorrow.

Whatever. HAHAHA

Cheers everyone! To growing together, and solid friendship!

The Boys

The Girls!

 And the ones who has to take in and swallow all the cheese of the couples:
The Singles

Dati barkada meal lang, ngayon plus one meal na. HAHAHA. Okay last ko na 'to for today :) 

See you around!

I must be invited to the wedding or the baptismal or I'll be aunt Maleficent for you - the old version :)


  1. Syempre invited ka sa breakfast wedding ko. Haha

    1. I look forward to it! Nyetabelles, outing lang pinaplano ko, kayo wedding. HAHAHAHA

  2. Dati table for 10 or 11 lang, ngayon reserve the whole restaurant na

    1. PS. Bakit sa "The Boys" kasama plus one, tapos sa "The Girls" hindi? Haha

    2. HAHAHA di naman, naging longer table lang. E magmumukang couple shot kayo nun, dami nyo e.

    3. Hahaha edi sana sinama mo na lang lahat ng girls :D

    4. Kasalanan ko talaga to e noh. HAHAHAHAH sorry boss ha, kape at pandesal gusto mo?


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