August 3, 2014

After Naermyth: Can I wait for a Revelation?

Time and again, I have explained how uncomfortable I get when I am unable to comprehend or give closure to anything that matters to me (momentarily or permanently.) This is why I try my best not to watch/ read series that haven't completed yet. Otherwise, my mind will not be satisfied, and it can either (1) take drastic measures in getting answers - even if the answers are wrong or misguided, or (2) forget the object of confusion altogether - deny its existence and the fact that it ever mattered.

With Naermyth, option #2 is completely impossible right now - when I just found out that a book 2 (Revelations) is on its way! And that the series may even run a quartet! A  quartet! Imagine how long I have to wait!

That cannot be. I need to fill in the blanks now.
Yes, this is how I cope.

On Naermyth

Naermyth tells the story of a "soldier" after the humans lost the war against the mythological beings - which were never a myth a after all - hence Naermyth. The setting of the story is around the world but the protagonists are in the Philippines so most creatures are from Philippine mythology - to my excitement! Haha. It is a very easy read as well - YA category.

On Characters

The character developments are not in depth, but are enough for the readers to understand where they are coming from and where they are going. It's good for me, I don't care much for details anyway so long as the story moves forward in a sensible way.

I thought I would love Aegis because she is not a damsel in distress, cares nothing about what others think of her, and can be alone just fine. But her immaturity and rashness oftentimes put others in danger, and puts her in a position that needs saving. Well, I guess this is necessary for a story to brew.

Additionally, I find myself sympathizing with River, the "soldier" who chose to protect his loved ones by being a blacksmith instead - crafting and devising weapons or armors that can save the life of the user. His actions and words remind me of a maxim that I've been trying to follow since my quarterlife/existentialist crisis when I entered the corporate world after graduation, but that's another story.

"Everyday, each of us have to face a battle against our own shadows. Don't think you're any different... You may forget who you are, but I will keep reminding you."
- River

On Mythology

The promise of Philippine mythology is the reason why I read this book, but not why I kept on doing so since the discussion on them are very basic - probably for the mass audience to follow? I hope there were illustrations of the creatures discussed though!

On Questions

After reading Naermyth, there were some questions that I need to answer quick so that I can continue living peacefully even before the 2nd book is released. Can someone please help, hahaha - problema nyo din talaga to e?

1. How did the tikbalang story originate in the Philippines? Has someone ever encountered them being likened to god's messenger before? I've known of them being winged creatures, but never as beautifully described as in Naermyth.

2. Does anyone remember Occhio Del Dyo of Questor Anime Magazine? I remembered this title for some reason, but I don't really remember its story anymore.

On Having a Resolve

I hate that the story is so unfinished.
Instead of getting answers, there were far  more mysteries (and miseries for the protagonists) left.

I'm just glad the word I have to trust is that of River's rather than Aegis's. River has far more conviction as he has lost his everything already (good call on  that Karen Francisco!) For now that trust will have to do.

See you around!

I think I should get back to frequenting the Filipiniana section of the National Library.

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