October 28, 2014

Testing The Water (Buntot-Palos Day Hike)

The thing with falling is that there is no going back. Once you jump, you just let go, and let it be. You lose all control.

Buntot-palos falls

And that scares me a lot. It is the reason I have so much reservations when it comes to doing anything that involves falling (cliff diving, sky diving, bungee jumping, etc.)

Yesterday, I had the chance to jump off Buntot-palos falls but chickened out. I had the chance to swim towards the falls, but backed out. Those were my regrets of the day. Anyone who believes that they can do something should just do so. Otherwise, the heart won’t be at peace.

Isn’t it easier to smile at failed attempts than at what ifs? After all, we are not here to just test the water. We are here to jump and take that leap of faith.


The trail was easy, but muddy and smelly. The mud was mixed with horse poop. Unfortunately, you’ll sometimes have no choice but to touch the ground for support and balance. Eeep.

The trail

It was not a preferable hike for me, but the destination was worth it. The towering, rushing falls breaking down into 3 little falls was magnificent. It makes one wonder where all the water is coming from, and where they are going, and why they are in such a hurry.

The water was cold, but from time to time the sun shines and warm you up a bit. Then the wind blows, and you’re back to chilling. It was a funny feeling – like nature is playing with you – not in a hurtful way, but in a teasing and caring manner.

(c) Henry Bolinto

Well, it was generally a beautiful day! Plus, I was able to make 2 new friends – one talented artist and one highly analytical introvert (she noticed a mannerism of mine that I wasn’t even aware of!)

(c) Robert Sarmiento

Hooray for today!


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  1. Nice! It must've been exciting! :D


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