November 28, 2014

How the Cold was Defeated (Mt. Pulag)

The temperature in Mt. Pulag could drop to the freezing point. I would not be alive to write this story if that had been the case when I visited. Good thing it was only at 10 degree Celsius last weekend. Nonetheless it was still torture for me.

Mt. Pulag Sunrise (November 2014)

I get cold easily and therefore have extremely low tolerance for cold climate, but how can I resist the promise of witnessing the most glorious sunrise ever? How about the promise of being surrounded by sea of clouds?

I simply couldn't.

Initially, the hike to Pulag via Ambangeg trail was quite easy and straightforward - that was until the rain started to fall. I didn't know it yet, but that will be the reason of my agony. I continued the hike up the campsite in the rain. The forest became muddy and somewhat slippery.

My newfound tentmates :)

Because of the rain and the cold, I wasn't in the mood for dinner nor socials anymore. I just wanted to clean myself up and rest. Unfortunately, such was impossible as my change of clothes were soaking wet. Even my sleeping bag was wet! It was unbearable!


I tried to sleep, but I was freezing and miserable. I remember almost regretting my decision to climb Pulag. I didn't know what to do anymore! I didn't want to bother any of my tentmates so I tried very hard to stay still, despite shaking profusely.

Time passed slowly, but I made it.
I was alive.

I ran out of the tent albeit the cold breeze. I jumped up and down, then accidentally looked up.


There's so much love in the universe. The sky was filled with stars. It was as good as (if not better than) the night sky of Siquijor.

Everything stood still. Even the winds were embarrassed to blow. I breathed in and suddenly the cold was gone. It was all awe, and love, and gratitude.

Happy birthday, Arlet. 

It's time to change.
You ask to be treated maturely, but you act immaturely.
Three points for Pulag and the world.

We started the trek to the summit to catch the sunrise. We arrived at the summit without much difficulty. As if on cue, the sea of clouds started creeping up the mountains. And the sun was starting to rise.

Mt Pulag Sunrise ( November 2014)

It was beautiful.

Nothing matters. 
Not my anger, not my frustrations, not my sadness - nothing.
Forgive everyone everything now.

Ang sarap mabuhay
"It's good to be alive."

Three points for Pulag and the world

Happy birthday, Arlet.

Sea of Clouds, Mt Pulag (November 2014)

We went back down to the campsite and shared breakfast together. The breeze was still cool, but the warmth emanating from my new found friends was so strong that I was able to keep my smile until the time of this writing.

Thank you.
Unlimited points to all of you :)

Pinoy Getaway!

Until we meet again!


Thanks to Lakbaykaysaya and Pinoy Getaways for adopting me in this Pulag climb! You guys are the best!


  1. (Belated) Happy Birthday!

    Pretty cool to see that you pushed through and conquered Mt. Pulag. Sorry to hear about the weather not being too cooperative.

    Looking to go there sometime in the near future too. Someone said that Pulag was just a long (cold) hike, and was not as physically demanding as Pico de Loro. If the rain wasn't a factor, would that be true? (Sorry, I'm trying to gauge the prep I must do. :P )

    1. Thanks!

      The trail via Ambangeg is not physically taxing. Probably it would just seem so if your pack is heavy and, yes, if the rain pours - which will likely happen. Just be ready and waterproof your things. There's a watersource on the camp so you probably won't need to bring lots of water :)



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