December 3, 2014

Trust Must Come First (Makiling Rock Climbing)

You must trust first before you can let go.

(c) Jirah Ruth Fermin
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Last Sunday, I was invited by my friend to a rock climbing activity in Makiling. Makrock usually organizes such activity every Sunday. Initially, I thought that we were going to hike Mt. Makiling (as that was what I was excited about.) Well, I was wrong.

After just an hour of walking a muddy trail, we arrived at the rock climbing and rappelling site. I guess this is it. No seeing Mariang Makiling today. Oh well, I’ll just return next time :)

Round 1. Holy Water 

I was still fully energized when I tried this area. It was not that easy nor that difficult. Thanks to my belayer who is definitely Best-in-Encouragement!

Makapag-good job and kayang kaya mo yan, parang feeling mo pro ka e. He was very generous with words of encouragement and praises. Now that’s a great job!

Round 2. Pendulum

Pendulum area was easy. I was just taken aback when I accidentally let go of my grip. I swing like a pendulum! Oh dear, my heart skipped a beat.

The scary part for me was going down (as always.) I have this fear of falling and losing control ever since. Remember Siquijor? Buntot Palos? And all the ziplines, rides, and slides that give me heart attacks.

That said, imagine my stress when my belayer shouted for me to let go. I had a mini debate inside of me whether I should follow my belayer or not. In the end, I trusted my belayer and let go.

Round 3. Ghecko

Ghecko was difficult. I couldn't figure out how to progress through the crooks. By this time, I couldn't pull myself up anymore so I had to give up. Nakakagigil!

Round 4. Rappelling 

The test of faith, trust, and bravery starts here. And I almost failed.

I really couldn't do it.
It was impossible.

Aside from both my hands and arms were wobbly already. I was also too scared to function. I lost my trust and confidence in my own grip, in myself.

It is impossible.
I really couldn't do it.

"You can do it."
"Yeah, you can."

The facilitators coaxed me into rappelling down. They have more faith in me than I have in myself. How can you say no to that?! Right?!

That said, I trusted them and myself - the rope, the rocks, everyone, and everything.

I guess that's how you let go - by trusting. Because by trusting, you understand that you're not completely losing control, you're just passing it to someone else - perhaps someone more capable than you are.

See you around!


I highly recommend Makrock. You guys should try it out if you haven't! It's probably not for advance climbers though. Woohoo, number 1 fan here! Hahaha!

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