April 12, 2015

The Weekend Warrior (Mt Gulugod Baboy)

I. Predicaments

A few days ago, I attended a meet up among travelers. The idea of leaving the corporate world to pursue a life of travel and backpacking was always brought up. While everyone was excitedly exchanging thoughts, I just heard my brain whisper, "Yeah, that was exactly how I felt before"


I couldn't believe myself. What have I become? I guess it could best be summarized by my post last March:


For the past weeks, I've been observing myself turn down all sorts of invites - mural painting, clean up hike, volunteering, camping, tour guiding, coffee, roadtrips, etc. (activities that usually delight me.) I felt no need to go out as much anymore, until I met a certain person in the backpackers meet up - someone I don't exactly know but have once bumped into. And without knowing it, made an impact to her life. She asked, in her most decisive way, if she could travel alone and see the world. 

I say, you go girl! You don't need any permission from anyone to see the world with your own eyes and feet."

Just a few minutes after, I saw another friend whom I met in a black market among artists. She was undergoing some kind of predicament herself. We all got to talk with each other and it was then decided that we'll hike together and prove whatever we have to prove. My declining streak was broken just like that. I remembered The Fraternity of Strangers, and the reason I enjoy traveling so much.

II. The Mountain Effect

We got to the peak after a little over an hour. It was supposed to be an easy climb, but I felt like passing out just before the peak so I asked for a break. It turned out that I was very low on sugar and carbohydrates - I was starving. I forgot that I hadn't eaten breakfast yet. I was so embarrassed of my poor judgment and carelessness. 

Boa constrictor digesting an elephant aka Sombrero island :)

The trail from Philpan was straightforward and easy to follow even without a guide. It's a combination of a steep uphill concrete pavement and rolling hills. It was challenging for my calves at first, but got used to the trail after a while. 

Kinto! Goku's flying cloud

Since we were the first to make it to summit, we had a lot of time to goof around and be candid about our circumstances - work, hobbies, and interests. We have different personalities, background, and view on things, but we share the same love for outdoors. That common preference made it easy for us to listen and try to understand each other. I couldn't believe at the depth of our conversations considering that we haven't known each other for a long time. The mountain is really good in stripping people off of their pretenses! It's the mountain effect!

After the trek, we went to Philpan Dive Resort for lunch and snorkeling. 

I figured that I'm giving my current lifestyle a chance. For now I'm contented with being just a weekend warrior. Heck I think I can even last a quarter without travel now. Nonetheless, the universe will always pull me back in, and when the universe calls, I'll gladly listen. 

The Weekend Warrior

See you around!

Expenses as of April, 2015

1. Bus from Manila to Grand Terminal, Batangas and vv- 300php
2. Jeep to Anilao and vv - 70php
3. Tryk to Philpan and vv - 60php
4. Philpan Dive Resort Entrance fee - 60php
5. Philpan Dive Resort Cottage - 150php from 300php  - we asked for a 50% discount because there was no one around anyway