May 17, 2015

Bigger Than Anger

In movies, people have alter egos that think and act in different ways than the main characters would have. Remember The Mask? Incredible Hulk? And who would forget Tyler Durden? I think in our own little ways, we have these alter egos too - alter egos that behave in a manner that isn't aligned with how we see ourselves or with how we want to be.

And really, how often have we lost our true selves in front of an intense emotion?

Imagine your friend Kat. She is a very amiable and unassuming person, but becomes overbearing when depressed. Or your friend Mark, a jolly guy that turns tactless when angry.

When we're talking, you're talking with me, Arlet. But when I'm angry, you're not talking with me anymore. You're talking with 'Angry', or 'Ecstatic', or 'Drunk.' This is not to say that I'm no longer responsible, because the words or thoughts come from me primarily. But I hope you can try and forgive me until such time that I am bigger than my anger, hatred, sadness, or confusion. That said, I apologize for all the pain I've caused, because I am not yet skilled to handle my own emotions.

Arlet, the longer it takes, the harder it will be for you to apologize. Correct your mistakes as soon as you notice or sense it. Otherwise, honest as you are, you'll drown yourself in guilt.

Signing off,
Sadness, disappointment, and guilt


  1. It's still you....just messed up. We're just as nonsensical as that.

    1. Thanks for mentioning I'm messed up ha, haha kidding! :P

    2. Kausap ko sarili ko. Alam mo yan! Hahaha. Miss you! -Meg


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