May 3, 2015

In Case of Fire

For less than a month, we've experienced 2 occasions of fire in the neighborhood. And on both occasions our family got very stressed - especially my mom. Firetrucks couldn't enter our streets because (1) firetrucks were too big, and (2) there were parked cars with no owners around. Some of our neighbors' home were also built with light materials that can easily carry fire. That said, I'm putting this out to (1) organize my thoughts on what just happened, and (2) serve as a reminder for everyone that accidents can happen - and planning beforehand can keep us in check and more prepared for such occurrence.


1. Plan two escape routes from each room
2. Plan where to meet outside
3. Save fire department's number
4. Confirm with insurer what will happen if the insurance policy gets burned?
5. Have a fire kit ready (backpack and list of things you need to get and can get in a minute or less ie money, car keys, important documents, computer back up, cash, etc) Include a whistle and flashlight to serve as signal in case you get trapped.
5. Have a fire extinguisher and water hose ready at home and everyone should know  how to use it.

Fire Prevention

1. Keep pets off cooking surfaces to avoid spilling/bumping anything
2. Unplug electrical appliances to avoid overheating and sudden explosion
3. Check for faulty wiring and cheap cords that does not follow safety standards.
4. Stay in the kitchen when cooking.
5.  Call the local fire department and request for fire inspection
6. Put smoke alarms in all areas of your home

In Case of Actual Fire

1. Practice low crawling - smoke is dangerous.
2. Stop, drop, and roll in case your clothes get on fire.
3. Never open doors that have warm handle
4. Make sure to know where your pet is and/or have a way of calling him/her

Keep safe.



  1. Is this what you were talking about the other night? :O I just stumbled on one of your quotes where it says, "They tried to bury me. They didn't know I am seed.", HAHAHA. pakarandom

    1. Yep, mej emotional pa ata ako nun. Heey I like that line, I think I heard it on a radio..probably a song?


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