December 27, 2015

Why I'm the Lucky One (CDO and Camiguin)

Day 0. I'm a terrible friend.

Sometimes I shake my head in disbelief as to how I still manage to have great friends.

For letting me bother you even at the ungodliest hour, for returning my silly calls, for taking my side when I'm down, and for being kind and understanding, thank you so much, Maine. Told you I'm the lucky one to have you for a friend.

Kahit na yung paminsan minsan lang na may problema ka, problema ko pa din mostly pinaguusapan natin. HAHAHA labyu, Maine! 

And as if those weren't more than enough, you and your family welcome me to your hometown, HELLO CDO AND CAMIGUIN!!!

Day 1. CDO City Tour and White Water Rafting

Straight from our duty as corporate slaves, we took the first flight from Manila to CDO hoping to squeeze in as much as we can for the day. Unfortunately we didn't arrive in time for the morning schedule of rafting and zipline so we settled into doing DIY city tour first. Strolled around Divisoria and CDO museum - was supposed to visit Xavier museum too, but there was a dress code. Got really sleepy before noon and ended up happily dozing off in some bench inside Ket Kai mall - HAHAHA we looked real shabby - but you can't argue with someone who looks so happy!

Had lunch, then met up with the group we'll be with for rafting. Small world - they're workmates of our college friends! Smaller world - we have the same IT for the rest of the trip! 

It was my first time to try rafting so I was initially feeling nervous, but turned out to be quite easy with the guides around, and also real fun - especially when there's a rapid! Too bad, the group didn't agree to do intentional capsize - must have been more exciting! 

For the calmer parts of the river, the view was relaxing. Just what I needed to temporarily kick off work from my head. 

Day 2. Welcome to Camiguin!

It was past lunch time when we arrived in Camiguin. We visited Katibawasan Falls, Old Church Ruins, and Walkway to the Old Volcano and Stations of the Cross. Our visit in these places were short because of the rain - and mostly because these locations are mostly for sight seeing only.

We also went to Sunken Cemetery, and Ardent Hot Springs wherein we stayed longer. I expected to see submerged tombstones in Sunken Cemetery, but instead I saw corals, schools of fish, giant clams, etc, etc. It was colors and life bursting at the same time!

Isn't it ironic to be talking about witnessing life in a cemetery that slipped into the sea due to a big earthquake? But that's the way it is. Even nature is telling us to have some sense of humor, and accept things that are in conflict with our woldview lest life will be a torture for us :)

Under the Sea, you'll see red, and blue, and green, and neon, all the colors you know and more.

Day 3. Mantigue Island, Camiguin

Wanted to pass time on the shoreline of Mantigue beach, but there were lots of seaweeds because of a storm the day before our visit so we proceeded to do snorkeling in the sanctuary instead.

Water was colder in the sanctuary. Look underneath and it's all water and fishes. Look up and it's all sky and clouds and mountains in the far horizon. It makes you feel very tiny in this vast universe, and at the same time grateful to be (so tiny yet) capable of feeling greatness. Life is good.

The thing with traveling is it lets you experience gratitude, and you have no choice but to bask in it. You feel small but not insignificant. You lose your delusions of grandeur, but you keep your self compassion. You become humble enough to ask and accept help from others. You are suddenly changed.

Day 4. All Good Things Must Come to an End

I enjoyed every bits of my stay in CDO and Camiguin - from the new friends I met to the places I've been. Shoutout to Maine's family for being such great great great great people! Thank you so much for adopting me.

CDO and Camiguin are adventure-filled destinations! I will definitely go back to visit the mountains, dive spots, and the other places next time!



Bisaya man na ko! Been trying hard to communicate with the locals using Bisaya, but all I've managed to do is embarrass myself. HAHAHA

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