January 8, 2017

Just Keep on Walking (Mt. Tangisan Dayhike)

I opened my eyes, and I was still on a tricycle bound to Mt. Tangisan. I was about to close my eyes again when I noticed the beautiful surroundings - the sky so blue, clouds white and puffy, breeze cold and refreshing. "Good morning indeed!"

At the jumpoff

Mt. Tangisan is one of the mountains that make up San Jose Circuit, a 17-18km loop mountain trail in Tarlac. Loop trail means your entry point is same as your exit point, but the trail you follow is different - unlike in backtrail wherein you just trace back your way. Since the group wanted a chill climb, we only trekked Mt. Tangisan.

Mt. Tangisan, Tarlac

Mt Tangisan trail is exposed, and is a mix of loose soil, tall cogon grasses, and cow dung. Nonetheless, the views of rice paddies and nearby provinces are spectacular - Mt Arayat can be seen towering the horizon from a distance.

Obstructed View (hehe) from Mt Tangisan Summit

The trek to the summit took us about 2 hrs with moderate stops for rest and picture taking. Overall (on a not-so-sunny-but-no-rain day), Mt. Tangisan climb is a pretty straightforward climb - just keep on walking and you'll reach the summit - no crawling, spelunking, rolling, rock climbing, river crossing, mud sliding, etc. Just keep on walking.

Mt. Tangisan Summit

Getting There and Expenses

- P204 - Bus from Five Star Cubao to Siesta (Bus bound to Dagupan but not via TPLEX)
- P600 / 2 pax - Roundtrip tricycle ride from Siesta to Jumpoff and vice versa
- P350 / 6 pax - Guide fee for 1 mountain dayhike


- Beware of cogon grasses and amor seco. Wear sleeves or pants if you can so you avoid itching.
- No need for river crossing (contrary to most blogs) anymore because they erected a bridge already
- No washroom in jumpoff because the water pipelines haven't been setup - bring wet wipes if you want freshen up after the climb
- The road to the jumpoff is rough so better charter a jeepney rather than tricycle from Siesta to jumpoff.

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