April 1, 2017

Caliraya Resort Travel Notes

Activities: Obstacle course, Cycling, Swimming, Kayaking, Fishing, Golf, Zipline, Bonfire, Hanging Bridge

How to get there:

I went there via private transpo, and just used Waze, but I suggest you allot 3-4 hours travel time. I headed out late, thinking that I was just going to nearby Laguna and travel would be max 2hrs, but it was actually far, and was near Pagsanjan already.

Travel Notes and Tips

I enjoyed my stay a lot even if I didn’t get to try all the activities, due to bad weather and late arrival in the area. The staff were nice and accommodating

Because of the bad weather, I stayed indoor the whole day for my first day. Good thing the hut in the fishing village had good ambiance and amenities. Had I stayed in a tent, I might have been sulking the whole day.

Better to eat in the Residence Hotel area rather than wait for the food to be delivered in the clubhouse. There is a free shuttle to and from these locations.

See you around!

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