June 8, 2017

Travel Notes: Sirao Peak & Sirao Flower Garden, Cebu

Armed with my little Bisaya, I took a motorcycle taxi to Sirao Peak. My driver was a chatty fellow - he spoke with me in Bisaya, and I tried my best to understand. Sometimes we were both laughing - but probably at different things - because I suck at Bisaya for now :|

We arrived at the jump off in a little more than 30 minutes. It rained in the area so the trail was a bit muddy, but manageable. I must admit, I still get jitters when I do solo hike no matter how minor the climb is. I can't help it though, doing some things solo excites me!

The trail started off as a rolling hill, with cows occasionally crossing your way. As you ascend, you'll get to the part covered with trees. Just continue walking upwards and you'll reach the campsite shortly, and just 10 mins away is the summit. It was a straightforward climb, and the summit can be reached in less than an hour (or perhaps I was walking fast because I was afraid of the dark, huhu)

Upon reaching the summit, I got confused. Because I was alone, there was no one to validate if it's summit already. To be honest, it kind of felt lonely at the top since I had no one to high five with, no one to say, "we did it!" and generally there's just no one to celebrate it with. It was the first time I felt that way. 

What a weird feeling.

The surroundings were definitely beautiful. But perhaps sometimes you gotta share this beauty with others to fully enjoy it. I couldn't wait to go down and do just that.

This time, I was the chatty one with my driver, and in my broken Bisaya :D

Getting There & Others

Habal Habal from JY Mall to Ayala Heights - P300/motorcycle/way

Since I was alone and no one to share the motorcycle expense with, I negotiated with the driver for P400 back and forth with a sidetrip at Sirao Flower Garden. He agreed! This all in my broken Bisaya. Whaddup yo! Hahaha!

Saw this at Sirao Flower Garden
Edit April 2018

See you around!


Seeing blooming and wilting sunflowers at Sirao Garden was a deep experience for me. One minute you're so beautiful, at the top of your game, achieving your life's purpose; Next minute, death looms.

*Sunflowers die after it shed away seeds (the seeds of next generation.)

For us humans, we live and we touch other people's lives. So when we die, we hopefully leave a legacy that positively affects the circle of life. We live on through them. Padayon.