I think drawing is not a product of the hand, but of the eye or the mind. When I draw, I just trace by hand, what my mind already sees in the paper or any blank space for that matter.

Disclaimer: Some posters may contain images/logo from Google.
Note: New artworks are always on top

Fred (and George)

Student life vs Working life in illustrations

Learning how to ride a bike as an adult:

Flyer - ABV Five logistics, Inc 
I also made a website for ABV Five Logistics, Inc. here: If you have cargo forwarding needs, do let me know since ABV Five is a family business.

Ako nang bahala.

Hayao Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke and Deer God

To think that the world is for us alone is arrogance. #HayaoMiyazaki

You've got to draw the line. #PunIntended #HayaoMiyazaki #SpiritedAway

Protect your freedom; get rid of unnecessary commitments and possessions

FOI bill promotes transparency and addresses corruption
I am Xmen's newest recruit! HAHAHA
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Call me, maybe? HAHAHA so I'm a fresh grad, and I should be looking for a job in 3, 2,

Learning from Hayao Miyazaki
I think this was the time when I first read about overlay in photoshop

Poster for JMA's lucky balls
First time to use a pen tablet for sketching and coloring, quite challenging

Teaser for JMA UPM's Mischief (Halloween party)
An avatar of myself when I was still a freshman
Mandirigmang siopao (my own character) approves
Rainbow and curls
Brave steam bun warrior/ Magiting na Mandirigmang Siopao
Flyer for Blushing cupcakes cafe- front
Flyer for Blushing cupcakes cafe- back

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