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I. Cosplay 101:
Choosing the character;
Shopping for materials;
The Photoshoot;
The Performance

II. Events:
No events related blog yet - I guess I'm not getting excited with the conventions anymore.

For more cosplay photos, visit Animaidens' DeviantArt page here: Animaidens is a cosplay group that I formed with 2 of my friends- Chi and Mendy. Currently, Chi is updating the site, since Mendy and I are taking a break from cosplaying.

Here are some of my cosplay photos :)

Wednesday Addams @ 2017 Angkas Halloween Party

Sougo vs Hijikata | (c) Ron Naldo
Hijikata and Sougo (Gintama) | (c) Choy Embrador
I wanted to be Kagura but Chi needed a Hijikata | (c) Choy Embrador
Hetalia - East Asia | (c) Rj Abad
SoKor and Hongkong of Hetalia | (c) Rj Abad
Hongkong of Hetalia | (c) Billy Ong
Hetalia (China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea) | (c) Alej Uy
Crossover with Killua | (c) April Almonte
Crossover with Chrome  (c) April Almonte
Cheshire Cat of Pandora Hearts (c) Hazel Galindo
Cheshire Cat of Pandora Hearts (c) April Almonte
Doujin cosplay- Jrock (c) April Almonte
Supposed to be Amy of Puffy Ami Yumi :| (c) April Almonte 
Shiro lolita
Shiro Lolita
Lolitas by Alej Uy
Kororo of Shaman King
Photo by Alej Uy

Kororo of Shaman King. 

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