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I. Cosplay 101:
Choosing the character;
Shopping for materials;
The Photoshoot;
The Performance

II. Events:
No events related blog yet - I guess I'm not getting excited with the conventions anymore.

For more cosplay photos, visit Animaidens' DeviantArt page here: Animaidens is a cosplay group that I formed with 2 of my friends- Chi and Mendy. Currently, Chi is updating the site, since Mendy and I are taking a break from cosplaying.

Here are some of my cosplay photos :)

Sougo vs Hijikata | (c) Ron Naldo
Hijikata and Sougo (Gintama) | (c) Choy Embrador
I wanted to be Kagura but Chi needed a Hijikata | (c) Choy Embrador
Hetalia - East Asia | (c) Rj Abad
SoKor and Hongkong of Hetalia | (c) Rj Abad
Hongkong of Hetalia | (c) Billy Ong
Hetalia (China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea) | (c) Alej Uy
Crossover with Killua | (c) April Almonte
Crossover with Chrome  (c) April Almonte
Cheshire Cat of Pandora Hearts (c) Hazel Galindo
Cheshire Cat of Pandora Hearts (c) April Almonte
Doujin cosplay- Jrock (c) April Almonte
Supposed to be Amy of Puffy Ami Yumi :| (c) April Almonte 
Shiro lolita
Shiro Lolita
Lolitas by Alej Uy
Kororo of Shaman King
Photo by Alej Uy

Kororo of Shaman King. 


  1. Ngayon ko lang nakita to, cosplayer ka pala. Galing dami pinagkakaabalahan.

  2. HAHAHA hindi naman ako "formal" cosplayer since once lang ata ako nagregister ever (nahihiya ako eh TROLOLOL)pero wala na ding time + money ngayon eh..baka next time :D


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